Jay Cutler’s text doesn’t help Devin Hester get on same page


I heard it called “the interception heard ’round the world” on the radio driving home tonight.   I don’t know if I’d go that far, but if you thought Jay Cutler’s interception against the Bills on Saturday was a big deal, the postgame comments were something else entirely.  Obviously, it’s all been way overblown, but all things Jay Cutler will be entirely overblown hereafter.  Check out the video of Cutler’s press conference after the jump and then we can dive in a little deeper.  

After you cut through Cutler’s endless “ya knows” he says this of his interception, “Devin is more of a go-get-it guy. He’s not really a back-shoulder, jump-up-and-get-it [guy] and … you learn from it. You make some mistakes. It’s a preseason game.”

According to NBC 5’s Peggy Kusinski, Devin didn’t exactly take the comments “in stride.”

"That’s the same Devin Hester who’s verrrrry sensitive to criticism.  Not because he has thin skin. But he wants to succeed so bad, he feels he lets people down. That’s what I was told a year ago as he was learning how to be a wide receiver.So yeah, Cutler’s words hurt.“I was offended when I first heard,” Hester said Monday when the Bears returned to camp.But he said Cutler texted him to say he didn’t actually say that.Hester believed him adding, “you can’t believe everything…” When told it was a direct quote as shown on WMAQ-TV NBC5 and every other station and newspaper covering the game, Hester demurred: “He wasn’t saying I’m not a jump ball guy…”Just growing pains between a new quarterback and receiver?“Yeah,” Hester shrugged, but clearly not happy. He didn’t look upset, he just looked crestfallen, like his dog ran away."

Like his dog ran away?  That makes me sad for Devin.   So Jay texted Devin to deny his comments.  I wonder what Jay’s text to Devin looked like?


I’m not much of a texter, so I need your help.  What do you think Jay’s text to Devin looked like?  Hit it up in the Comments.

Maybe I’m out of touch or just old school, but here’s an idea: why not just go over and TALK to him.  Clear up the miscommunication like men.  You text someone when you don’t want to talk, like when you text your wife that you’re drunk and can’t drive your sorry ass home or you’ve just lost the rent money at the blackjack table.  Again.

If these two can’t get on the same page over some silly postgame comments, how are they supposed to get on the same page between the white lines, where it counts?  Let’s put this stupidity behind us and get on with the business of getting better and preparing for the Packers on September 13th.


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