Favre un-un-retires, Bears players react


It was too good to be true.  It was too quiet, too easy.  The bad guy doesn’t die at the end of the movie, at least not that easily.  As you’ve heard a hunderd times by now, Brett Favre is headed to the Vikings and the NFC North got a whole lot more interesting again.  All of a sudden, Jay Cutler is only third most significant quarterback acquisition this offseason behind Favre and Michael Vick.  Turn the focus to Minneapolis and Philadelphia and let JC and the Bears get their act together.  Word of Favre’s un-un-retirement spread quickly at Bears training camp and of course we got the obligatory reaction quotes from Bears players.

From Jeff Dickerson’s blog at ESPN Chicago, here’s Bears defensive end Adewale Ogunleye:

"“We know Brett Favre, we played him a lot. He’s a hell of a competitor, a Hall of Famer, and anytime you get to play against a guy like that, we’ll be up for it. We play him two times this year, if he does play, so I’m excited, but really just trying to focus on us and what we need to do to get better.”"

In Brad Biggs’ article in the Sun Times, Tommie Harris revealed a secret correspondence with #4:

"Defensive tackle Tommie Harris asked Favre for a jersey a couple seasons ago, and the quarterback sent him one with a personalized inscription.‘‘There are only a select few guys who I’ll take their jersey,’’ Harris said. ‘‘It’s a secret what he wrote. It was complimentary. He told me just to keep on going. Getting Brett there is a great thing for them. I’m just looking forward to seeing him in the backfield.’’"

Meanwhile, Brian Urlacher ha d this to say in Vaughn McClure’s Huddle Up:

"“Was there any doubt that he was going to do that? I don’t think anybody was too shocked about that,” Urlacher said.“What will he bring to the division? The same thing he did last time,” Urlacher said. “It doesn’t matter (that he’s getting older). He’s still Brett Favre. I don’t think it’s going to be that big of a change. Better running game, obviously, then he had in the past. Other than that, he’s the same guy.”"

The Bears finally get a shot at the Vikings on November 29th at Minnesota, while the Vikes head to Soldier Field for the home finale on December 28th for a Monday night affair.  Who knows, by then Favre may have retired and unretired a couple more times?

If there’s one bright silver lining to the dark cloud that Favre’s signing with the Vikings brings, it’s simply this:  Packer fans have got to be fuming over this one.


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