Bears Roster Bubble Watch from Victory over Giants


The other day, I talked about guys that I consider to be on the bubble to make the squad.  So true to my word, I kept an eye out on some of the guys who may have a tough time making the squad as the Bears defeated the Giants 17-3 on Saturday night.  My notes may not be great because frankly, watching that second half on tape delay was only slightly less painful than a trip to the dentist.  What I wouldn’t do for my readers.  Here’s my list of bubble guys that at least made me take note, for better or worse:   Aromashodu, Devin – nice fingertip grab in the red zone.  Cutler likes those big targets.
Balogh, Cody – tough holding penalty
Basanez, Brett – it’s not good when he doesn’t get into the game until late, late in the 4th qtr.
Bullocks, Josh – needs to hang on to those near-INT’s.  Nice to see him around the ball.
Davis, Kellen – a really nice grab.  Great size could be a huge target in the red zone.  Needs to work on blocking.
Davis, Rashied – didn’t see much of him in the first half.  That’s not a good sign.
Freeman, Marcus – silly offsides penalty.
Hillenmeyer, Hunter – may be making a case for a roster spot backing up #54 as the Mike Linebacker.  Would love to see him stay.
Iglesias, Juaquin – had a nice grab for a big gain with the 2’s.
Kinder, Derek – nice return makes a case for practice squad.
Knox, Johnny – showed some flashes of speed and did a decent job in the return game
Moore, D.J. – he’s a little guy.  Seeing him lined up against 6-6 Ramses Barden scared me.
Peterman, Eric – had a nice catch but that receiver competition is tough
Peterson, Adrian – another guy that you didn’t see much in the first half.
Rideau, Brandon – saw some action as the third receiver with the first team offense.
Steltz, Craig – made a couple of nice tackles downfield when the front-7 didn’t get the job done.
Turenne, Woodny – didn’t make a strong impression on me like last week.
Vasher, Nathan – saw a few nice plays.  Actually tackled people.
Wolfe, Garrett – didn’t help his cause with a costly fumble in the red zone.  Decent work in special teams.  How does this little guy tackle people?


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