Fantasy Football Question of the Day: Matt Forte or Maurice Jones-Drew?


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I’ve finally started doing my fantasy football homework with my first draft just a week away.  A lot of draft boards rank the Bears’ Matt Forte and the Jacksonville’s  Maurice Jones-Drew among the top tier of running backs.  If you’re drafting in the top 5, you can probably assume that Adrian Peterson is going #1, but after that, you’ve got Forte, Jones-Drew and the Falcons’ Michael Turner in that top tier of running backs.  Who would you rather get for your team?  Let’s see what the guys over at ESPN think: 

I’d like to think that I’m not biased, but who am I kidding?  Forte all the way.  I think MJD will wilt late in the season as the feature back and Turner has too many other weapons to contend with for touches with Jerious Norwood, not to mention Matt Ryan’s passing attack to Roddy White and newly acquired Tony Gonzalez.

Meanwhile, the Bears bolstered their offensive line and added a new quarterback; I think his name is Cut-something.  Oh yeah, Jay Cutler!  Even the threat of Cutler to Devin Hester should pull that 8th man out of the box and open up some running lanes for Forte, as the Bears demonstrated Saturday night in their victory 0ver the Giants.  So for me, there’s no question – Matt Forte all the way!


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