Chicago Bears Fantasy Preview (Video)


After you’re done rooting for the Bears, there are usually about 15 other games on every weekend.  Do you want to make just about any of them more interesting?  If you are, there’s still time to sign up for CBSSports Fantasy Football.

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I told you, I’m in full study mode for my upcoming fantasy drafts, so I’ve been cramming like I’ve got a calculus final next week and I know nothing about Calculus any more.

Rather than putting together a video of myself previewing the Bears fantasy prospects, I thought it would be a much easier on the eyes coming from die hard Bears fan Jennifer of  

If that didn’t get you excited about the upcoming fantasy football season, I don’t know what will?  What was Jennifer’s biggest offseason move?  Hmm?  I think she made 2 rather large moves.

This is a classic “why didn’t I think of that?” idea.   Scantily clad women who can read off a teleprompter at a sixth grade reading level tell you what some fat, sweaty fantasy football dork tells them to say about all things Fantasy Football.  That’s why I love this game!


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