Broncos Fans Need to Get Past their Anger towards Cutler


Breaking up is hard to do.  No one should know that better than Denver Broncos fans.  They have been going through their ‘breakup’ with Jay Cutler since April; it’s now the end of August.  It’s time to let it go and move on.   Wikipedia lists the 5 stages of grief:

#1 Denial

#2 Anger

#3 Bargaining

#4 Depression

#5 Acceptance

Which stage do you think Broncos fans are stuck on?  Check out these clips:

Look out Eminem! I can feel the anger and emotion in these words.

Classic anger.  Get rid of anything that reminds me of the loss.

Big hat tip to my guy Matt over at Jay Cutler Superstar for a couple of these.  If you want anything and everything JC, he’s got you covered.  Check it out!

To help get all those emotions out in the open, Bear Goggles On will be hosting a live chat during the Bears Broncos game on Sunday night.  Log in and lay down on the big comfy proverbial couch Tony Soprano-style Broncos fans.  It’s time to move on to the Bargaining stage, where you’re willing to do anything to get rid of Orton!


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