Packers Joke of the Day


It’s Packers week, so I’ll be giving everyone some fun stuff to fuel the one of the most storied rivalries in all of sports. 

Here’s my Packers joke of the day:


A Bears fan, a Packers fan, and a Vikings fan get shipwrecked on an island and some natives take them to their king.  At first, the king plans to execute them, then, he decides to grant them one wish, twenty lashes on the back, and let them go.

The Vikings fan wishes for a pillow strapped to his back. It doesn’t hold well during the whipping and broke after 5 whips, leaving 15 painful marks on his back.  The Packers fan wishes for 2 pillows.  It lasts for ten whips and he ended up screaming in pain.  When it was the Bears fan’s turn though, a smile came across his face.

“I wish for 300 whips,” the king thought the Bears fan was being very brave and noble, so he gave him another wish. “I wish the Packers fan was strapped to my back!”

Here are my Packers fans of the day:


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