The DeCon’s Week 1 Fantasy Football Picks


I’m posting this on behalf of my guy, The DeCon, while the mother ship is still trying to get him set up on the network.  He’ll be doing a weekly Fantasy Football post here to give you fantasy football junkies some great insight.  This guy is one of the founding fathers of fantasy football.  He was playing fantasy with paper and pen, before the internet.  Yes, he’s old, but that just means he’s wise.  On with the show:

I first want to extend my thanks to the FanSided Network and Boomer for allowing me to be a part of this great forum.  I will, for blog purposes, be known as The DeCon to protect my day job.  It is a nickname a few use for me and it helps with the theme of the blog.

Hopefully, I will provide some insight into the world of fantasy football and maybe even some laughs along the way.  I have been playing fantasy football since the days when Sterling Sharpe was a Top 3 pick and I like to think I know a little about it.

Each week, at least until my third child is born, at which time I will likely need a week off; I will give you some fantasy nuggets to consider.  I will pay special attention to our Beloved Bears as well as our NFC Division foes, but I will try to give you some other players to consider.  Enough with the intro, let’s get on with The DeCon’s Preachin’ from the Pulpit for Week 1.

Stone Tablet Locks – chisel these guys in stone as MUST PLAYS this week.

1)      Matt Forte @ GB – he was likely a top 3 pick in your draft and one general rule I have is you never sit a player you draft in the first round, especially the first week.  Last year in 2 games against the Pack, Forte had a combined 137 yds rushing and 68 yds receiving on 8 catches with a TD.  Not the greatest of numbers, but with the Pack’s switch to a 3-4 defense and the Bears O-line seemingly gelling just fine, I expect some lanes to be opened up for the big fella from Tulane.  Add to that the fact that he won’t have to face 8 or 9 in the box because of the Bears’ new Pro Bowl QB and I think Forte is a 2 Tablet Lock all season long.

2)      Greg Jennings vs Bears – this pains me to do it and for full disclosure, Jennings is on one of my fantasy teams.  In 2 games against the Bears last year Jennings had 11 catches for 102 yds and 2 TDs.  Not outstanding numbers, but the Pack O has looked good this pre-season and the Bears secondary has looked average at best.  I know we are missing Peanut and Bowman, but I think they may need to shake some rust off this week (if Peanut even plays) and that should bode well for the Pack’s passing attack (at least early in the game) in which Jennings is the primary target.

3)      Drew Brees vs Detroit – if I had a 3 Tablet Lock score, Brees would get it this week, but the good Lord only saw fit to provide us with 2 tablets so that will have to do.  Brees nearly shattered Marino’s single season passing mark and he will likely get off to a great start against the Lions.  The Lions should be improved on defense but Brees threw 351 and 2 TDs in their only meeting last year and that was in Detroit.  Home cookin’ should help the mole faced QB from Purdue.

DeCon’s Blessing – given to SLEEPERS to sneak in to grab you some big points.

1)      Lance Moore vs Detroit – while Colston is a must-start, expect Moore to get plenty of touches on the other side.  Moore quickly developed into one of Brees’ primary targets while Colston was nursing injuries and is quickly becoming a playmaker.  While his stats against the Lions in last year’s meeting weren’t earth shattering, he could be primed for a big day as the Saints look to dim the light on the Lions quickly in their home opener.

2)      Ray Rice vs KC – Ray Rice is the man in Baltimore and was probably drafted late in your draft.  McGahee will steal some carries, but Rice should see plenty of touches to gain 100yds rushing and is good for a TD or 2.  Since he is likely your 3rd or 4th RB, he will be a solid contributor this week.

3)      Bears DST @ GB – this is Bears blog afterall and the Bears DST will likely get the nod from me most weeks.  I realize they are playing a tough Packer team in hostile territory, but I wouldn’t be surprised for Hester to break one off as he attempts to claim the most return TDs in NFL history.  Remember, it was in Lambeau against the Pack when the “Windy City Flyer” was born.

Bent Over the Altar – your MUST SIT players because no one wants to be bent over the altar.

1)      Terrell Owens @ NE – in the interest of Terrell Owens, I wouldn’t piss on him if he was on fire, but I predict this will be the quickest T(eam) O(bliteration) he is involved with to date.  It is too bad, because Dick Jauron is a hell of a nice guy.  But on the road in NE with Shawn Springs in his hip pocket all game will not bode well for the biggest Diva WR in history.  Last year, when Springs was with the Skins, TO was held to 12 receptions for 109 yds and 1 TD in 2 games and most of this was done in the first meeting.  This year, I think between Belicheck’s big brain and Springs ability to burn up the Diva’s popcorn.

2)      Cadillac Williams vs Dallas – I am not sure what Raheem Norris is trying to prove by listing Caddy as # 1 on his depth chart.  The fact is, I think Derrick Ward is a better runner and should get the majority of the touches against a stingy Dallas D.  I wouldn’t like any of the TB RBs this week, but for those of you who got excited when you saw Caddy as the # 1 option in TB, please proceed with caution.

3)      Jay Cutler @ GB – this is not meant to be blasphemous or to go against the 11th Commandment, “Thou shall never doubt Jay Cutler,” but since this is a Bears blog and many of you Bears fans may have taken JC a bit too high in your fantasy draft, I want you to be cautious here.  While I do not expect JC to do a bad-Rex impersonation, I am just leery of him having a huge day.  I expect the Bears to win and I expect them to do it on the ground to keep the Pack’s O off the field.  JC will have his opportunities, but this is his first Bears/Packers tilt and I just want you to keep expectations in check.  The Pack does have a decent secondary and they will bring heat on JC every chance they get.  I expect a huge day from Forte, but not a HUGE day from JC…that said, Bears win 24-17.

Can I get an “Amen?”

The DeCon has spoken.