Jay Cutler set to begin new era for Chicago Bears Quarterbacks


This is Jay Cutler, the Chicago Bears opening day starting quarterback.

I am hoping, praying in fact, that he can finally put an end to end cavalcade of quarterbacks that the Bears have been trotting out since their Super Bowl XX victory.

For one last time, here is the Bears quarterback hall of shame.  To make sure I don’t crash the entire Internet, I’m not going to list all of the changes back and forth, just the cast of characters.  According to bearshistory.com, there have actually been 42 changes since 1992 alone.  Yes, I said 42.  The Packers have used 2 and Favre still hasn’t missed a game in that span.  It’s like a clown car, they just keep coming…

Mike Tomczak

Doug Flutie

Jim Harbaugh

Peter Tom Willis

Will Furrer

Erik Kramer

Steve Walsh

Dave Krieg

Rick Mirer

Steve Stenstrom

Moses Moreno

Shane Matthews

Cade McNown

Jim Miller

Chris Chandler

Henry Burris

Kordell Stewart

Jonathan Quinn

Craig Krenzel

Chad Hutchinson

Kyle Orton

Rex Grossman

Brian Griese


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