Bart’s Best – Week 4 Top Plays


Any week that you end up over .500 against the spread, you have to consider it a good week. However, I must admit that I was a little disappointed with the outcome of the Pittsburgh/Cincinnati game that would have put me at 4-0 for the week. When was the last time you saw Pittsburgh blow a lead like that in the 4th Quarter? When was the last time that the Bears were down in the 4th Quarter and there was a strange sense of comfort that they wouldn’t be down long? (Don’t say a week ago against Pittsburgh!)

I was out in Seattle with Boomer and it was quite the fun-filled weekend. My favorite quote, from an unfortunate homeless Seattle man, “Brett Favre, he’s a Viking now, he’s got the horns, HE’S THE DEVIL!” Well, onto Week 4.

When I looked at this week, I got another one of those queezy feelings in my stomach. If I were in Vegas, I’d probably drop my wagers a little this week. But for those compulsive types out there:

San Franscisco -9.5 vs St. Louis – I’m sure SanFran is going to be happy to be returning home after that tough loss last week. Some teams can absolutely lay an egg after getting beat like that, but Samurai Mike will have these new-age 49ers ready to go. I’ll give the points to a St. Louis team that is going to have a hard time stopping and putting up points against the 49ers.

Tennessee -3 vs Jacksonville – people are always cautious about betting on Road Teams, which to me is nice because it helps lower the spread. Other than the spread, I’m having a really hard time envisioning the Titans going down 0-4. This is not a “Let’s Bet on Former Bears who Coach” week, I’m feeling pretty good that this is the week the Titans break out of this odd slump, even on the road.

Baltimore vs New England – Under 44.5 – I can see why this may look like an over. Baltimore has been putting up alot of points lately and when you think of New England, you just think points. Baltimore’s Defense has not been as dominating (except against Cleveland – but is that more offensive ineptitude?). For all of those reasons, you’d think – well – OVER. Not here. This is going to be a classic punch you in the mouth game that will end up lower scoring. It wouldn’t even suprise me to see weather playing a role. Look for a score like 21-17 or 24-17. I’ll take the Under.

Bears (-10) vs Detroit – “Back to Life, Back to Reality” – my song for Detroit. I’m glad they got their win, really I am. But, the Bears are going to be riding a road win high and are going to try to win a game that doesn’t come down to the last play. Ten points isn’t really that much – you’ll realize that when the Bears score first and are up 7-0. You’ll think to yourself, “Man, they just have to kick a field goal to be covering already.” Look for a 13-17 pt win by the Bear this week.

Last Week vs Spread: 3-1 Last Week Straight Up: 2-2

Year vs Spread: 7-5 Year Straight Up: 6-5