The DeCon’s Week 4 Fantasy Football Picks


I am finally fresh and rested from the annual Bears Trip to Seattle where Boomer, Bart, myself and a bunch of other SuperFans watched the Bears whoop up on the SeaChickens.  A couple observations about Seattle…CowGirls, Inc. is a must-see attraction, the sun actually shines in Seattle and SeaChicken fans have a seriously inflated view of how good their team is.  I do recommend Seattle as a city to check out.

On to the business at hand…I can’t wait for this weekend in fantasy football!!!  I love it because this is when the bye weeks start and the men get separated from the boys.  Strategy becomes more important and you have to dig deep to maximize your points.  I am going to tweak the format a bit to discuss the impact the bye week has this week on some of your studs.

Stone Tablet Locks – chisel these guys in stone as MUST PLAYS this week.

1)      Matt Forte vs Detroit – Nothing more to say…if Forte doesn’t perform this week, I promise to not call him out for the rest of the season on my picks.

 2)     Eli Manning @ KC – KC is rebuilding and Eli should be able to shred their secondary for a defense that is allowing better than 28 points per game.

3)      San Fran DST vs St. Louis – The offensive juggernaut from St. Louis is averaging a whopping 8 points per game and that is less than the Cleveland Browns.  Anything else you need to know?  Ok, and they are starting Kyle Boller and SF is pissed about losing to the ViQueens last week.  The forecast in SF this week is PAIN, LOADS OF PAIN!!!

DeCon’s Blessing – given to SLEEPERS to sneak in to grab you some big points.

1)      Mark Sanchez @ New Orleans – I expect this to be a shoot out in Big Easy.  I expect the Saints to win, but I expect the Sanchize to do well from a fantasy football perspective.

2)      David Garrard vs Tenn – Garrard is a sneaky start against a Tenn D that will be keyed on MoJoD, but has allowed nearly 275 yards passing per game.

Bent Over the Altar – you MUST SIT these players because no one wants to be bent over the altar.

1)      Joe Flacco @ NE – The young Padiwan meets the Jedi master…advantage to the Jedi master.  Flacco will be solid this year, but not this week.

2)      Willie Parker vs SD – FWP has a toe and if you have ever been an owner of FWP before, you know when he has a toe, it lingers and lingers and lingers.  He has to be one of the most frustrating fantasy RBs ever.  Add that to the fact that Pitt is 27th in the league in rushing and he will frustrate you again this week.

3)      Marion Barber @ Denver – Early word from Wade is that the Barbarian is playing, but I would proceed with caution, especially given that Tashard Choice looked good last week and Dallas shouldn’t need much to get past the smoke and mirrors, 3-0 Broncos.

In Need of a Confession – Teams are ON A BYE and will be skipping services this week

Cardinals – Boldin and Fitz owners need to look deeper for options.  If they are still available, try to get one of the up and coming NYG WRs, Manningham or Smith as the Giants should have a big day against KC.

Falcons – No Turner or Matty Ice this week, but hopefully you have an adequate back-up at RB and QB, but if you are hurting for a QB, try out David Garrard this week.  He is probably available in your league.

Panthers – I will miss DeAngelo Williams this week, but if Tashard Choice wasn’t picked up in your league yet, go get him. 

Eagles – Chances are you have already been dealing without D-Mac and Westbrook for a couple weeks now, but if you like the boom or bust of DeSean Jackson, you could go for a boom or bust with one of the Beloved’s WRs.  In order this week, I like Hester, Knox, Bennett.  Be a homer, no one will fault you!

Can I get an “Amen?”

The DeCon has spoken…so let it be written, so let it be done…

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