Packers vs Vikings – A Bears Fan’s Perspective


So the Bears rolled over the Lions in the second half to end the first quarter of their season with a respectible 3-1 record heading into their bye week.  The Week 4 action concludes tonight with the other two NFC North foes squaring off in Monday Night Football as Brett Favre and the Vikings host the Green Bay Packers.

It seems strange to say Brett Favre and not be talking about him as a Packer, but that’s the crazy world we live it today.  It should be an interesting and exciting game.   Here’s a preview from the MNF crew:

So you have to ask yourself as a Bears fan, who should I be rooting for?  For me, it’s pretty simple and it pains me to say this: Bears fans should be rooting for the Packers tonight.  I know, it’s painful to even think it, but it makes football sense.

I feel like the The Fonz in the old Happy Days episodes, when he can’t utter the word “wrong” in admitting a mistake.  He would say, “I was wrrrrr.  Wrrrrroooo” but couldn’t get the word wrong out.

The Vikings head into the game at 3-0, while the Packers come in at 2-1.  If the Packers can handle the Vikes, there would be a logjam of 3-1 teams atop the NFC North, including our Beloved Bears.  Sure, the Pack would have the tie-breaker on us, but they still have to come to Soldier Field.  Keeping everyone bunched up benefits the Bears.

So as painful as this is Bears fans – root for the Packers tonight.  I need to go take a shower now.  I suddenly feel dirty.

GO PPP… I can’t do it.  Won’t go that far.