Bart’s Best – Week 5 Top Plays


Since Lovie Smith likes to break down the season into quarters, I supposed that I’ll do the same thing. After the first quarter of this season, I’m right where I need to be to hold true to my season-long prediction. After 4 weeks, I’m 9-7 which puts me at 56%. I need to step it up a little in Quarter 2.

All I can say about last week is this: What the hell is going on with the Titans? Was Albert Haynesworth that much of a difference-maker? 0-4? Seriously? No, I was not panicking giving the points to the Lions last week when it was 21-21. I told you, 10 is not that much. Baltimore‘s defense, as good as it is, has been rather disappointing this first quarter; I bet they’ve messed up alot of people’s over/under betting, not to mention my fantasy football defensive points. Tack on their offense which has become quite the juggernaut and people aren’t quite sure which way to go. Lastly, San Fran was a no-brainer, so I’m not going to talk much about that.

On to Week 5, where the Bears are hibernating. I’ll take another pick to keep my 4 picks a week alive:

Minnesota (-9.5) vs St. Louis – I’m going to have to go with my buddy Decon on this one and say that this has another blowout written all over it. I’m actually thinking of starting Chester Taylor, thanks, Lou! I’d like to think that St. Louis is going to give them a game and I’ll be rooting for it, but it is unlikely.

Kansas City (+8.5) vs Dallas – Arrowhead is not an easy place to play, especially for a Dome Team whose scoreboard is better than their team. Granted, KC is not a great team, but Dallas hasn’t shown me anything to say that they deserve 8.5 on the road either. Vegas is betting on $ going on the popular team on this one and I’ll go the other way and take the points. Dallas may win, but it’ll be within a touchdown.

New England (-3) vs Denver – No, I’m not a believer yet. Actually, I’m glad that Denver has played so well up to this point so that this spread stays put. IF, and that is a big IF, Denver pulls this out, I may be a little more cautious with my betting in the future. For now, I’ll go with another road favorite giving a field goal.

New York Jets (-1.5) vs Miami – I have two strong reasons to stay away from this game: division game and everyone and their mother is likely to take the JETS. First of all, remember this, division games mostly always play closer than predicted. Even if one team is stronger, their knowledge of one another and importance of games usually push the score closer than one might think. Second, how could you not pick the Jets against Miami. Rex Ryan is probably licking his chops like his dad when a new QB would be leading the opposing offense. The Jets are going to stack the box and go after Henne with everything. This isn’t Drew Brees people, it’s Chad Henne. I’ll take the Jets giving the little points and if Miami wins, oh well.

Enjoy your Bear weekend off!