The DeCon’s Week 5 Fantasy Picks


While this is the worst weekend of the football season, with the Beloved on a bye, the show must go on!!!  There are a lot of studs on a bye this week, so I hope I can dig deep to give you some good insight for success this week.

Stone Tablet Locks – chisel these guys in stone as MUST PLAYS this week.

  1. Minnesota DST @ St. Louis – The Lambs OFFENSIVE offense has scored an average of 6 points per game…does anything more need be said???
  2. Donovan McNabb vs Tampa Bay – The Tampa DST is 3rd worst in the league in allowing plays of 20+ yards.  I expect D-Mac to pick up where he left off and shred the Tampa secondary that has been terrible this year.
  3. Andre Johnson @ Arizona – The Arizona DST is ranked 30th against the pass and I expect this game to be a shoot-out of epic proportions.  AJ is generally a must-start, but a downright no brainer this week.

DeCon’s Blessing – given to SLEEPERS to sneak in to grab you some big points.

  1. Chester Taylor @ St. Louis – Expect a lot of points in this game…by the Vikings and expect this laugher to be over by halftime, leaving plenty of garbage time for CT to do some damage.
  2.  Julius Jones vs Jacksonville – The return of Hasselbeck likely won’t save the Seahawks season, but it should open up some lanes for JJ to exploit.  Believe it or not, JJ is actually a top-12 RB in PPR leagues and certainly worthy of a blessing this week.
  3. Tim Hightower vs Houston – The Houston DST has allowed a league-high 8 rushing TDs this season.  As mentioned before, this game should be a shootout and with Houston’s aggressive defensive front, I expect Hightower to get plenty of chances in the passing game, as well as the rushing game.

Bent Over the Altar – you MUST SIT these players because no one wants to be bent over the altar.

  1. Denver DST vs NE – The Denver DST is a top-3 scoring DST, but don’t be fooled as they have played subpar competition.  Expect the Evil One in the cut-off hoodie and #12 for the Pats to have a lot to say about bringing the Broncos DST back to earth.
  2. Matt Ryan @ San Fran – I’m sorry, but until someone looks good against this defense (and not lucky, Mr. Favre) it is hard to think of anyone going into SF right now and doing any damage offensively…except of course on Nov 12, 2009 when a certain team we all know and love will go visit Coach Singletary and the boys…Matty gets put on ice in this game.
  3. Ronnie Brown vs NY Jets – Miami is quietly leading the league in rushing, but with Henne at the helm, expect 8-9 Jets in the box on every play making Henne’s life miserable and wreaking havoc on both Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams.

In Need of a Confession – Teams are ON A BYE and will be skipping services this week.

Bears – Cutler and Forte owners need to plug some holes, but at least the Bears can rest.

Packers – Rodgers and Jennings are about the only offensive players worth having on the Packers.  

Chargers – No Rivers, Gates, Sproles, LT or Vincent Jackson…man, this is a bad week for missing your studs… 

Saints – Brees, Colston, Bush, Pierre Thomas…geez…almost as bad as having the Chargers on a bye in the same week…oh wait, they are too….

How do you fill in the Pews this Week??? 

If David Garrard is still available, grab him or if you are really desperate, I actually like Derek Anderson this week as the Browns face the Bills…two equally hapless franchises. 

Julius Jones and Chester Taylor, mentioned above might still be available in your leagues and could be good fill-ins this week, along with Sammy Morris whose production will increase since Fragile Fred is out for about 4 weeks with an ankle. 

Look towards Mike Sims-Walker, who was a hot add this week, but he may still be available.  Another WR I like is Percy Harvin as I believe the Vikes will roll up a big number on the Lambs.

Visanthe Shaincoe and Brent Celek should be solid contributors this week at the TE position and could be available.

Can I get an “Amen?”

The DeCon has spoken…so let it be written, so let it be done…

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