Bears fall victim to Ponzi Schemer David Hernandez


Add the Bears to list of Ponzi-schemer David Hernandez’s victims.  The Bears recently filed suit in Cook County for a breach of contract suit against the head of the now-defunct head:

"According to the breach-of -contract suit, filed Thursday in Cook County Circuit Court, the Bears claim Hernandez failed to pay $50,000 for two 30-second television commercials. The suit also claims he failed to pay for the Internet radio station’s logo on and in the background of video interviews on draft day and other ads, court papers show.While the Bears acknowledged Hernandez never signed the agreement, the suit includes an e-mail between the parties that the Bears’ say proves Hernandez intended to seal the deal. That’s why the Bears say they met all the terms of the sponsorship agreement, according to the lawsuit."

I don’t know about this.  An e-mail as their proof?  No signed contract?  I hope the Bears lawyers mount a better offense than that – they don’t have Jay Cutler to bail them out!

If we can collect $50k, maybe we could get the Bears to drop the suit in exchange for getting Webio co-founder Mike North off the air and call it even?

(H/T Windy City Gridiron for the tip)


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