Ex-Bears Orton and Benson Lead Teams to Surprising Wins


Jerry Angelo and Bears management had to be a little uncomfortable sitting in their easy chairs this past weekend as two Bears castoffs led their respective teams to surprising wins.

First, you’ve got the NFL’s leading rusher Cedric Benson leading the Bengals to a win over the Ravens.  Yes, that Cedric Benson.  Is the NFL’s leading rusher.  The whole league.  The same league as “Purple Jesus” Adrian Peterson.

Cedric Benson, selected 4th in the 2005 NFL draft by Bears is finally starting to show signs of life.  Check out the highlights from Sunday’s impressive running here.   Did you like the spin move on his TD run?  Would Ced have ever done that in Chicago?

The Cedric Benson must’ve stopped in Oz to see the Wizard about a heart on his way to Cincinnati.   The Cedric Benson who never saw an arm-tackle he could break; the Benson who seemed to fall down before contact is leading the Bengals to the top of the AFC North.  That’s the same division as the Ravens and World Champion Steelers.  What in the wide world of Hard Knocks is going on out there?

But wait, Bears fans, it gets worse.  “Worse?” you ask.  Yes.  Kyle Orton has led the Denver Broncos to a perfect 5-0 record, the latest a victory over Bill Belichek’s New England Patriots.

Old Neckbeard is neckbeard no more.  He must’ve found a stylist on his way to the mile high city.  He also found some wide receivers, namely Brandon Marshall, who is an absolute beast when he’s not busy pouting about a contract.

Orton also found another top-tier defense to hang his “Game Manager” hat on, as the Broncos D has been shutting teams down.  The Broncos are giving up a paltry 8.6 points per game.  That never hurts.

With all of that being said, you can’t take anything away from Orton and the day he had a Sunday: 33 of 48 for 330 yards and a pair of touchdowns.  Even more impressive is the 98-yard drive he engineered to tie the game late in the 4th quarter against the Pats.

So what is a Bears fan to think of all of this?  I think this is an indictment of the Bears and their coaching staff.  The more these castoffs (along with the Justin Gages and Bobby Wades of the world) succeed, the more it tells me the Bears’ staff is doing a poor job with their players.

All these years, we’ve been left to think the Bears can’t draft worth a damn.  Maybe the problem is that we can’t develop talent worth a damn.  Or maybe it’s that we can’t put these players in a position to succeed?  Either way, Ron Turner is now officially on my Hot Seat.

He’s got a better talent the Orton in Jay Cutler.  If the Bears offense can’t take it to the next level, he’s got to be held accountable.  And it starts with a trip to Atlanta next Sunday night.  The bye week was nice, but it’s time to get back to some football.


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