The Legend of Owen Schmitt: A History of Self-Abuse


I’m sure you’ve already seen this video of the Seattle Seahawks’ Owen Schmitt bashing his own head in – during the pre-game introductions!

But this guy has a history of these boneheaded outbursts.  Check out the 40 second mark of this clip of Schmitt after a shanked punt back in his days at West Virginia.

The only conclusion that I can draw from this is that he’s getting soft in his old age.  At least his melon is.

He’s quite the legend. He even has his own tribute video from West Virginia.  Check it out:

After listening to this guy, I’m sure there’s no dain bramage, I mean brain damage.  This guy sounds like Rocky after going 15 rounds with Ivan Drago!  It was such an inspiring story. God, I wish they would make a movie about not-so athletic, undersized white guy who walks on and tries really hard to just barely make it.