Bart’s Best – Week 6 Top Plays


When “betting,” I don’t know which which is harder to deal with, winning early and then losing or losing first and then winning.  Either way, I ended up 2-2 last week, but I hate starting out positive (KC & DEN) and then losing in the late games (NE & NYJ). I’m still not a Denver believer, I’m sorry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Kyle Orton hater. I liked him at Purdue and he did what he could do for the Bears. But seriously, New England, bring all of your defenders up within 15 yards of the line of scrimmage and you don’t have to cover past that. Kyle still can’t throw deep or on the run. Let me give you their playbook: slants, 5 and outs, 10 and outs, curls, screens.  Denver’s offense will nickel and dime you to death – which has worked for now, but as soon as a Defensive Coordinator figures it out, you won’t see those W’s stacking. Can you tell I’m a little angry about that one? On to WEEK 6:

Carolina -3.5 @ Tampa – Most people would look at this game and have absolutely no interest.  Not me.  I intentionally picked up Delhomme in fantasy for this game (only because Brees is on a bye). Tampa is bad and rebuilding.  Carolina is off to a bad start and that is different. Being on the road to Tampa isn’t that big of a deal for the Panthers and they should take care of the Bucs by at least a TD.

Jets- 10 vs Buffalo – I don’t want to lose on the Jets two weeks in row, but Buffalo doesn’t have the WILDCAT to be running on the Jets the way the Dolphins did this last Monday Night. Both teams will be embarrassed by last week’s losses (Buffalo – seriously – 6-3?), but Jets need this one and to re-establish themselves. For Buffalo, it is already too late.

Green Bay -13.5 vs Detroit – The Lions impressive effort against Pittsburgh last week helped keep this spread under the dreaded 14. GreenBay is rested, at home, and needing to keep pace with Minnesota and the Beloved. I don’t think they are going to mess around in this one.

Atlanta -3 vs Bears – I’m not going to take the Bears every week and I’m only taking this one because I have to pick the Bears game every week. I’m glad the Bears are rested and have had 2 weeks to prepare. However, I think this is going to be a tough one for them as they are still trying to figure out who they want to be on Offense. I would’ve preferred this game be later in the year when the Bears are more of who they are eventually going to be. We gotta get the ground game going and have to start sprinkling in some more deep routes. If they do this week, no reason they can’t pull this one out. I’ll be happy to lose this one.

Season against the Spread: 11-9