Bart’s Best – Week 7 Top Plays


There is officially some room available on the Jets Bandwagon, Bart has jumped off. Another disappointing weeks for the Jets and I fell right into the trap. I’ll allow myself to make such errors when I win my other 3, bringing my season total against the spread to be 14-10. I really didn’t want to win with my Atlanta pick, but again, when “betting,” one must not use their heart, but their head. The Packers pick was a no-brainer coming off a bye going against the hapless Lions. Carolina won by a TD as I predicted, although it came a little close at the end. You’ll be happy to know (not really, but) that Jake Delhomme quickly found his way off of my fantasy team. The Panthers as a team, though, came through for me. Well, on to Week 7:

Indianapolis -13 @ St. Louis – Oh yeah, I’ll give the points. Indianapolis is coming off of a bye and the spread is under the double TD mark because of points being awarded to St. Louis as a home team. Indianapolis won’t be slowed by playing outdoors and it is not like they are going to be affected by the raucous  St. Louis fans. This game will be covered by halftime.

Green Bay -7.5 @ Cleveland – yes, I’m going against “common sense” picks by picking multiple visiting teams this week. However, sometimes in “betting,” you have to look for small tidbits of info that may impact the outcome of the game. For example, as reported in the Chicago Tribune through the Associated Press: “…(Cleveland Browns) have been sacked by the flu. On Wednesday, 12 Players, including Pro Bowl nose tackle and five other starters, missed practice….” Hmm. Ever have the flu and not want to get out of bed? Imagine wanting to play a football game on a crappy team.

Atlanta +4 @ Dallas – another visiting team, you question? Yes. Against a team coming off their bye? Yes. Remember, Dallas is always going to be the more popular bet in Vegas and the spread will reflect that. Atlanta is a good football team, people, and they didn’t play well against the Bears. Again, this is a dome team, playing in an away dome; there is not much of an impact. Atlanta’s offense will run with Dallas’ offense and will win this game outright. Even if they don’t, I’ll still take 4 points.

Bears +1.5 @ Cincinnati – 4 straight road team picks. The Cardiac Cats’ luck has run out. Although they are a pretty good team, there won’t be any comebacks against the Bears. The Bears are the ones used to coming from behind. This week, the Bears will take the early lead and will not relinquish it. They know they blew another one last week and are going to turn it up a notch. It’s nice to be picking the right side again.