The DeCon’s Week 7 Fantasy Football Picks


There is a light load in the NFL with 6 teams on a bye, so there will undoubtedly be a lot of activity on your league’s waiver wire as people look to fill out their rosters.  You should try to take advantage of this activity to either block your opponents who may be after someone and there are some quality pick-ups out there in case you are being hit with the bye week bug.  I will discuss that more below, but here are my opinions of some players not on a bye this week…

Stone Tablet Locks – chisel these guys in stone as MUST PLAYS this week.

  1. DeAngelo Williams vs Buffalo – While the Bills won last week over the spiraling Jets, they did let up more than 200 yards on the ground to Thomas Jones.  This, despite the fact that Sanchez was handing them the game and they could have loaded up on the run.  Expect D-Wil to come close to matching his performance of last week and he should be a starter in all formats.
  2. Colts DST @ St. Louis – Bob Sanders is back AND they play the Lambs???  The Colts DST should be in for a huge day!

DeCon’s Blessing – given to SLEEPERS to sneak in to grab you some big points.

  1. Steve Breaston @ NY Giants – With Boldin’s playing status in jeopardy, Breaston will be the #2 for the Cards.  The NYG secondary is still shell-shocked over last week’s whoopin put on them by the Saints and they are still just as banged up.  Expect big numbers from the Cards’ WRs.
  2. Marshawn Lynch @ Carolina – As I mentioned, I expect D-Will to have a huge day, but the Panther D has also had trouble stopping the run all season.  Lynch should be able to make some plays almost as much as D-Will will do to the Bills.

Bent Over the Altar – you MUST SIT these players because no one wants to be bent over the altar.

  1. Michael Crabtree @ Houston – Crabtree was probably a hot pick-up this week and for good reason, but I don’t expect his impact to be immediate.  The Niners have scored all of ONE TD through the air this year and it was to the man Crabtree will be starting ahead of, Josh Morgan.  Give Crabtree some time, but he shouldn’t be rushed into your starting lineup.
  2. Brett Favre @ Pittsburgh – Finally, I get to put Mr. Waffle on my list.  The Steelers D has allowed only about 190 yds passing to opposing QBs at home and this week shouldn’t be any different.  With Hair P back for the Steelers, I expect a long day for OLD # 4.  I wouldn’t also pin much hope on AP having a huge day, but you can never sit AP…you can sit Favre.

In Need of a Confession – Teams are ON A BYE and will be skipping services this week.

Ravens, Broncos, Lions, Jaguars, Seahawks, Titans

How do you fill in the Pews this Week???

Lots of teams on a bye, but you aren’t missing many studs, but you likely are missing some players.  There are a few players worth grabbing this week to either stash or start…Hakeem Nicks…3TDs in 3 games…do I hear 4???  Laurence Maroney may be starting for the Pats and might finally be out of Belicheat’s doghouse and the Pats play the Bucs!!!  Matt Cassel against the Chargers who just look like they are is disarray and got carved up pretty good by Ol’ Neckbeard last week…Ted Ginn, Jr. might have to produce in the passing game if the Saints go up big early…Any available Saints WRs as they could bring a hurricane to Miami…Earl Bennett has been quiet in recent weeks and Devin and Knoxville have been getting a lot of the action, so perhaps the Earl of Bennett shows up this week???

ONE OTHER NOTE…we are almost halfway through the fantasy football season and it is starting to become clearer who will and will not make the playoffs in your leagues.  Now is the time for fleecing the have-nots.  Try some 3 for 1 offers to shore up your team.  Remember, if you have players on your team who you don’t regularly start, why not package them for an upgrade at a position of need or to build some depth.  Also, don’t forget to check out who those players are playing during your league’s playoffs and if you can upgrade players based on matchups for those weeks, that is always advisable.  I have seen to many 7 or 8 seeds win the championship in the leagues I play in because they have good matchups come the playoffs.  GOOD LUCK and feel free to e-mail me with any questions about your line-ups, trades, the Bears, whatever is on your mind…the DeCon is always available to listen…


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