Warren Sapp Fires on Bears GM Jerry Angelo (Audio)


Warren Sapp has been waging a little personal war against the Chicago Bears own Jerry Angelo.  Angelo and Sapp were together in Tampa back in the mid 90’s when Jerry was the Director of Player Personnel and Warren was a young up and comer drafted by Tampa.

Sapp appeared on his weekly Wednesday morning segment on the Mully and Hanley Show on 670 The Score.  Naturally, the subject of Jay Cutler’s contact came up and they innocently mentioned Jerry Angelo. Warren responded in typical Warren fashion.  Take a listen:

[podcast]http://fansidedblogs.net/podcasts/bears/warren-sapp on angelo.mp3[/podcast]

I heard that and I thought, “Talk about biting the hand that once fed you!”  But I left it alone and didn’t make a big deal about it.  Then on Thursday, they had Jerry Angelo on the show.   In advance of the interview, they even Tweeted Warren (@QBKILLA) to let him know.

When they told Jerry about Warren’s criticism during the interview, Angelo took the high road:

[podcast]http://fansidedblogs.net/podcasts/bears/jerry angelo sapp.mp3[/podcast]

After the interview, Mully and Hanley posted this on their Twitter account:

"@mullyhanley: @QBKilla Just had Angelo on, he says you’re his best draft pick ever and would do it all over again. We’ll post the interview soon!@QBKilla he didn’t Pick Me And Didn’t Want To!! Tim Ruskell and Mark D. Fought For Me!! I Wasn’t Ever His Guy!!! Period."

Warren quickly forgets that in that draft, he was dropping like a stone or stoner as the case may be.  Had it not been for Angelo and the Bucs, who knows what would’ve happened to Sapp?  I’ll be the first in line to be critical of Angelo, but he didn’t draft me.  Is it too much to ask for a little loyalty to the guy that gave you a chance?


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