Are you The Ultimate Displaced Bears Fan?


Are you the Ultimate Displaced Bears Fan?  If you think you are, DirecTV wants to get to know you.  They’re running a contest to find the Ultimate Displaced Fan and BIG prizes are at stake.  And when I say BIG PRIZES, I have 2 words for you: Super Bowl!  As you might expect, with BIG prizes on the line, the competition is pretty stiff.  Check out this video from last year’s winner:

Yes, this dude’s garage is pretty impressive, but the guy’s got the personality of a wet dog.  So if you’re living behind enemy lines and you have a great story of Bears loyalty to tell, sign up by visiting the contest page at

You can read the contest rules there.  Here’s an excerpt from the Press Release they sent along. 

DirecTV Ultimate Displaced Fan Search – We’re looking for the craziest most-die hard Chicago Bears  fan that lives outside the Chicago Market. Candidates can submit essays, pictures and videos to us illustrating why they are the DirecTV Ultimate Displaced Fan! Our grand prize winner will win a Super Bowl week prize package that includes: an all-expense paid trip to the Super Bowl, two tickets to the Super Bowl, a media tour with one of the star players from their favorite team and the opportunity to play in the nationally televised DirecTV Celebrity Beach Bowl with former NFL players and celebrities.

Last year we had contestants who remodeled their garage to mimic their favorite team’s stadium, a couple who got married at a game and a women who paddled through Hurricane Katrina just to find a place where she could watch her favorite team’s game.

For more information and to see videos, pictures and essays of last year’s finalists, please visit:

OK, the woman who paddled Hurricane Katrina might need to re-examine her priorities, but you’ve got to give her credit – that’s hard core!  Check out her story and the other finalists here.

So let’s represent Bears fans and show the world that we’re the most die-hard fans around.  If you win, all I ask is to take me along to the Super Bowl.  Oh come on, who else would you take?


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