UnBEARable: Benson leads Bengals over Bears


I already did a full post-game post on my Bears Game Day blog and I’ve still got plenty of piss and vinegar left for the Bears.  My thesaurus is running out of synonyms for shit, because that was the Bears’ effort against the Bengals.  I try to curb my cursing on this site to keep it family friendly, but if you subjected your kids to that game, they can handle a couple of off-color descriptions.  If you find such language offensive, I wonder how you would characterize their performance?  For a closer look at the carnage, check out NFL.com’s highlight reel here.

The Bears were absolutely destroyed 45-10 at the hands of the BengalsCedric Benson stuffed it up his old team’s giggy with a career high 189 rushing yards and a TD.  If living well is the best revenge, Benson was Big Pimpin’ all day on Sunday.  He showed the kind of grit and determination that we never witnessed in Chicago.   For that, I will forever hate #32.

He should have been wearing a ski mask during his time with the Bears as he made off with millions and never earned a penny of it.  His performance only demonstrated that Jerry Angelo and the Bears were right to draft him #4.

During my live game blog – and yes, I was there until the BITTER END – someone suggested that maybe the Bears gave up too soon on Benson.  I completely disagree.  Benson gave up on himself long before the Bears ever let him go.  Had Benson never been out of the game, he never would have rededicated himself and gotten himself to this level of performance.  Just like Rocky had to do in the third installment of the boxing series Benson got the Eye of the Tiger by having it all and losing it, only to get it back.

But enough about Benson.  Good for him.  Fuck ’em.  Hope I never see him again.

On to the more pressing problems at home.  Where to begin?  I dedicated a fair amount of my anger at Lovie Smith’s stubbornness and allegiance to a defensive scheme that is not properly equipped in the Game Day post, so let me direct my anger at the offense in this post.  I’ll just say this about Lovie’s defense: with the injuries on the defense, playing the Cover-2 is like showing up at a gun fight with a knife. If he can’t adapt his defense to the personnel that he has, he should get the ax.  I don’t need him to scream and yell on the sidelines, but his team needs to be prepared and for the last two weeks, it was clear that was not the case.

Back to the offensive woes.

It’s easy to pin the blame on Jay Cutler.  I’m sure Bronos fans cheered louder with each of Cutler’s 3 INT’s.  Cutler has a nice, juicy $30 million bulls eye on his back.   The problems with the Bears offense are far beyond what Cutler showed on Sunday.  First of all, Cutler was running for his life for much of the game.  I don’t know which is more porous, the Bears defense or offensive line.  In fact, I’m glad that Cutler made it out alive.

When the Bears got down early, they became very one-dimensional.  A total of 12 rushing attempts doesn’t even tell the tale since there were a few draw plays in garbage time, three Jay Cutler scrambles and four of Matt Forte’s six carries were on the Bears first offensive possession.  Horrific!

The offensive line was a total sieve.  Frank Omiyale got worked over repeatedly and spent about as much time in the Bears’ backfield and Jay Cutler and Matt Forte.  Maybe they should just move him to fullback and save the effort of getting pushed back.  If Omiyale starts again next week, someone should be fired.  Oh wait, I already called for that.

If the Bears can’t solve their line problems, I’m afraid Cutler may not live long enough to see his $30 million.  Maybe that’s all part of Jerry Angelo’s diabolical plan?  Sign Cutler to a big deal, but he doesn’t survive long enough to actually see the cash.

Plenty more coverage of the swirlie the Bengals gave the Bears in the days to come.  Fear not Bears fans, a cure-all is coming to town: the Cleveland Browns.


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