Changes are Coming for Bears


It would be crazy if the Bears didn’t make some changes after the Benson Bowl-over last Sunday.  As the Bears start to prepare for the Browns, there’s all kinds of news coming in from Halas Hall today.

Let’s be Frank

It looks like Frank Omiyale is heading to the bench.   Regardless of what Ron Turner says,  it’s about freakin’ time!   Brad Biggs  dives into the sacks allowed stat.  It goes to show that figures lie and liars figure.  Now what do we do if Josh Beekman isn’t the answer?

Middle Man

Hunter Hillenmeyer is going back to the middle linebacker spot with Nick Roach heading to the Sam linebacker spot.  It should come as no surprise.  Despite Nick Roach’s physical tools, he didn’t do a great job getting everyone in the right spots.  Let’s see Hunter fairs covering that deep middle.

Practice Makes Perfect

Tommie Harris returned to practice on Wednesday.  I think it’s the first Wednesday that Harris has practiced during the season.  After Lovie Smith sat his ass down and called him out, it’s high time Tommie gets out and starts earning his paycheck.

Johnny on the Spot

Johnny Knox was named NFC Special Teams player of the month for October.   He’s averaging nearly 29 yards per return with a touchdown in October.  Nice work rook!


Through the month of October, my usual BEAR DOWN signoff will be in pink to raise awareness for National Breast Cancer Awareness month.