Bears vs Browns – Keys to the Game


I am closing the book on last week’s Chicago Bears train wreck against the Bengals.   It’s over.  Done.  Not even going to bring it up.   Page turned.

The Browns are coming off a doosie of their own:  a 31-3 beatdown at the hands of the Packers.  But they’re used to it.   The Browns are nearly as pathetic as the Lions, which is saying something.  They are suffering from what the Bears had gone through for years – a quarterback controversy.  When you have a controversy between 2 quarterbacks, it usually means you don’t have any.

If the Bears lose this game, you might as well start following the Bulls or Blackhawks because football season will be over.  Without further ado, here are the Keys to the Season Bears vs Browns:

Basic Training

After taking it in the moon like the Bears did last week, the most important thing a team can do is to get back to the basics.  Block someone.  Tackle.  Stay in your gaps.  Tackle.  Run good routes.  Tackle.  Hang on to the ball.  Know your assignments.  Did I mention tackle someone?

Dirty Uniforms

If the Browns equipment manager isn’t using extra detergent to clean Derek Anderson’s jersey, I have to start questioning this whole Rod Marinelli is defensive line coach god theory.   No sacks in the last 2 games and 2 losses.  Coincidence?  I think not!  Sacks and pressure lead to turnovers.  Our defense is predicated on getting turnovers.

For Walter’s Sake, Run the Damn Ball

It’s not fair to judge the offense on last week’s performance.  When you’re down 31-3 by halftime, it’s not like you’re going to try to run the ball.  It’s high time Matt Forte and the running game crank it up a notch and no better team to do it against.  The Brownies are ranked 31st in the league, giving up 170/game on the ground.   On the 10th anniversary of Walter Payton”s death, restore some pride back to ground game.  Dig a little deeper.  Push a little harder.  Go the extra mile.

Out-special their Special Teams

This is one of the rare weeks that the Bears don’t have a clear advantage on special teams.  Josh Cribbs is as good as it gets on special teams and I’m including Devin Hester in that mix.  The Bears need to contain Cribbs and the Browns and keep them working on a long field.

Take their heart

The Bears need this game like a jilted lover needs a good revenge fuck.  Give it to the Browns with no lube.  Beat the crap out of them.  Period.


Through the month of October, my usual BEAR DOWN signoff will be in pink to raise awareness for National Breast Cancer Awareness month.