Jay Cutler Takes a Beating, Does a Little Trash Talking with Rob Ryan


Jay Cutler got his butt whupped all day long on Sunday.  It certainly won’t feel like a victory Monday to Cutler, who was sacked 4 times and knocked down another 7 times.   The Bears had better do something to protect the franchise quarterback they’ve sought all these years or he may not last the season.

Rob Ryan and the Browns defense brought all kinds of pressure on Cutler and the Bears, but the offensive line needs to find a way to get it done.  Either that or I suggest they start trotting out a stuntman with a #6 jersey.  Moon Mullin called Cutler a pinata and it certainly seemed like the Brows were lining up with sticks to take shots at the Bears QB.   They should know better; there’s no candy coming out of Cutler.

Speaking of Rob Ryan, he and Cutler did a little trash talking throughout the second half.  Maybe Cutler thought he could distract Ryan with a little talking.  Cutler knows Ryan from their days as division foes in the AFC West when Ryan was with the Raiders and Cutler was with the Broncos.  Ryan’s “FUCK YOU” came across loud and clear to even the worst lip-readers on Sunday.

JC brushed it off after the game, saying the he and Ryan were old buds and he had the utmost respect for him.  This from Jeff Dickerson’s post on ESPN Chicago:

"“I love Rob Ryan,” Cutler said. “I think that he has always liked and respected me. I think he’s a great coach, and you can just hear the energy he brings on the sidelines for those guys. I’ve always enjoyed playing and competing against him. I think he’s one of the best in football. I’ve always enjoyed going against the guy.”"

It didn’t appear contentious as the two exchanged some final thoughts after the game.   Give Jay all the credit in the world.  The guy spent the day getting his ass kicked, but he got up each and every time and even found time to talk a little trash.  I wonder if his tongue will be sore tomorrow from the shot he took under the chin strap or just tired from the talking.

JC and the Bears offense had better put their money where their mouths are next week.  They’ll need to do a lot better to shut the Arizona Cardinals up.