Bart’s Best – Week 9 Top Plays


Again, sometimes you just have to be content with a .500 week if you’re a betting grinder.  I ended up 2-2 last week bringing my season total to 18-14.  However, watching alot of those games come in last week always makes you second-guess yourself for not taking certain games.

Notice the last paragraph was italicized.  If it seems familiar, it’s because I just left it from last week because the same damn thing happened this week.  The only difference is this – I didn’t realize how bad Seattle has gotten and I never could have imagined that a high school team (Browns) are allowed to play in the NFL (sorry high school football – don’t want to insult you).  Honestly, I’ll still find ways to pick against Dallas throughout the season that will play better.  Time to start loading up against these bad teams – because they are really bad.  Can’t be scared of those big spreads anymore.  Oh well, on to Week 9:

Falcons -10 vs Washington – Washington – Bad!  I know that they are coming off of a bye and they’ve had 2 weeks to prepare.  I know that Atlanta gave everything they had to try to fight the Saints on Monday Night.  The Falcons need this one after a tough loss and have the offensive firepower to open this one up early making Washington one-dimensional.  Once that happens – open the floodgates – 10 pts easy. 

Packers -9.5 @ Tampa – I didn’t go back and look, but Packers have done well for me this year at or around this spread – I wish I had time now to check, but that doesn’t matter anyway.  Packers are going to enjoy beating up on a team after another embarrassing loss to the Vikings last week.  Look for a lot of points from Green Bay this week.

Saints -13.5 vs Carolina – Pfff.  No comment.

I’m sorry – have to do this.  For the first time this year, I’m going to throw off my mojo and pick 5 games. This one has to be picked – I mentioned it earlier:

Eagles -3 vs Dallas – now, some of you may say I have it out for Dallas.  Boomer may be surprised by this because Dallas was my 2nd favorite team in college (Aikman, Smith, Irvin) – although the Chiefs did really well for us in college too!  Wherein I don’t have it out for them, I just think they are overrated in point spreads.  They are not going to walk into Philly and win.  If you are confident that a team is going to win, then a 3 point spread should never deter you.  I’m confident Philly will win.

Bears -3 vs Arizona – what an interesting game this is going to be – I’m really looking forward to it – unlike last week’s sleeper.  I went the other way on the Bears last week because like my brother told me – I fell for the classic Vegas trap game.  I was happy seeing the Bears win by 24, but you could see how a high spread for the Bears would scare anyone.  I just wasn’t educated enough on how bad the Brownies really were.  This game, in Chicago, I take Bears.  In Arizona, I take Cardinals. Home field sways it for me this time around.

Season Total 18-14