The DeCon’s Week 9 Fantasy Football Picks


I am back and fully recovered from whatever funk was making its rounds through my house…although that was nothing compared to the funk, known as the Cleveland Browns that made its round through Soldier Field last Sunday…geez…I knew they were bad, but as a Bears fan, I am not even sure it is fair to count that as a win.  Regardless, I’ll take it and here’s to hoping the Beloved take care of the Cardinals this week.  I am sure Boomer will queue up some old Denny Green clips for us, so I will leave that to him…BTW, Boomer, Bart, myself and a large crew of our extended “family” were at that game in 2006 in Arizona where Denny Green “crowned our ass!!!”  Greatest game I have ever been to, bar none!!!  Anyway, on to the picks for this week…feel free to e-mail me if you have any last minute questions at

Guys I Like this Week

  1. Aaron Rodgers @ Tampa Bay – What’s a good cure for sore feet for a QB?  How about facing a Tampa D that has allowed 9 plays of more than 40 yds or more through the air, 16 passing TDs and has only mustered 11 sacks.  Yeah, they are that bad and should be changing back to the old creamsicle uniforms for good.
  2. Chad Ochocinco vs Baltimore – Ocho has been RED HOT and you gotta ride him.  The Balt D comes in ranked 19th against the pass and while I think they can contain Ced much better than the Bears did, I think they will manage about as well against Ocho as the Bears did or maybe worse.  Tweet, Tweet!!!
  3. Julius Jones vs Detroit – The Edge is gone and Forsett isn’t ready to steal many carries and likely won’t be a factor at the goalline.  Seattle needs to keep Hasselbeck upright for the rest of the season, so expect a lot of Juice Jones to keep the Lions off balance.  Plus, we are talking about the Lions D, right?  Go with Juice!
  4. Matt Schaub/Andre Johnson @ Indy – The Colts may be starting at least 1 and likely 2 rookies at their CB positions this week…that’s right…rookies…Schaub and AJ must be licking their chops.  Even if the starters play, they will be limited by injuries and, “Houston, we could have takeoff!!!” 

Guys I Don’t Like this Week

  1. Kyle Orton vs Pittsburgh – Ole Neckbeard is playing on Monday night and although he is at home, I don’t like his chances against the Pitt D that is beginning to get its swagger back.  I think Denver is primed to lose its second game on the season.
  2. Brian Westbrook vs Dallas – Concussions are a scary fact in the NFL and while Westbrook will likely play some, I don’t expect Andy Reid to put him in any danger.  Plus McCoy has looked good and may well take the goal line carries along with Weaver to avoid Westbrook from too many collisions.
  3. Anquan Boldin @ Bears – Talk about an underachiever this season…certainly injuries haven’t helped Quan, but he is losing touches to Breaston and Hightower continues to be a factor in the passing game.  Plus, he is dinged and may not even play.  Not to mention, he is playing…DA BEARS!!!
  4. Chris Johnson @ San Fran – I know you have to ride your horses and CJ is one of them, but don’t expect huge numbers.  The San Fran D ranks # 2 against the run and is allowing a league best 3.2 YPC.  Owners Beware!!!

Other Nuggets

With the Bills, Browns, Raiders, Rams, Vikings and Jets, you probably aren’t hurting too much since there aren’t any quality starters on 4 of those 6 teams.  You have to guess which ones…

If you are missing Purple Jesus or Thomas Jones this week, you could look at acquiring Ryan Moats who is the hot pick-up of the week.  I am not sure how he will play out long-term, but Kubiak is gonna ride the hot hand, so he can make sure he keeps his job next year.  Steve Slaton owners should be very nervous.  If you are missing “he whose name we shall not speak” (HINT> He’s old and likes Sears and Wranglers), you could do worse than Matt Cassell who could have a decent week against the Jags, which helps Dewayne Bowe too.  Since the other 4 teams on bye this week would struggle to beat a UFL Team, I will wrap it up for now.  GOOD LUCK!!!

Can I get an “Amen?”

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