Tommie Harris Ejected on 4th Play of Bears Cardinals Game


Tommie Harris got himself ejected on the 4th play of the Bears – Cardinals game.  I managed to find a clip on YouTube already.  Check it out:

Absolutely no excuse for this.  Aside from Harris himself, Lovie Smith needs to be held accountable for this stupidity.  Not only is Lovie the head coach, but he’s also the defensive coordinator.  Throw a little blame Rod Marinelli’s way too.  These guys have lost control of Harris and the rest of the team for that matter.  Plenty more on the train wreck by the lake to come.

But on to Harris.  He’s had a rough stretch recently.  He was benched for the Cincinnati disaster for not practicing enough.  So he started practicing more.  Actually doing his job.  Yay Tommie!

Now, he basically suspended himself for the Cardinals game by throwing a punch on the 4th play of the game.  What good does throwing a punch do to a guy with a helmet on anyway?  I can’t wait to hear what this dumb ass has to say for himself.

Harris gets my nomination for the Alonzo Spellman award for being the next Bear most likely to be wandering down a suburban Chicago road shirtless in freezing temperatures and ending in a standoff requiring police intervention.

Whatever the case for Harris and whether or not he pulls a Spellman, this situation clearly isn’t going to end well in his relationship with the Bears.  It’s time for Tommie to go.  The only thing standing in the way is the big, fat contract extension that Jerry Angelo gave him.  Cutting Harris would be another admission of a bad decision by the Bears’ General Manager.