Bears considering Larry Johnson?


The AP is reporting that the Bears have not ruled out taking a look at recently released Larry Johnson.  Of course, whenever any offensive player comes on the market, the Bears are considered a possible destination. Is there a sign in front of Hals Hall like on the Statue of :  “Give me your tired, your poor, your no-huddle masses yearning to lose…?”

Here’s what Bears coach Lovie Smith had to say when asked about it:

"Any player that’s available, we look at. That’s been our standard policy throughout. That’ll be the case with Larry.”"

Unless Larry can play safety, corner, linebacker, defensive tackle or offensive line, forget about it!  I wouldn’t have this malcontent bum on my fantasy team!

Haven’t we learned our lesson from the likes of Cedric Benson BC (Before Cinci) and Tank Johnson.  Heck, look no further than current pariah Tommie Harris!  Does Larry possess more talent than hospitalized Garrett Wolfe or Adrian Peterson (Orange not Purple).  Sure, at least he did once upon a time.  Is it worth adding more poison to an already embroiled locker room?  Hell no!   We need answers, not more problems!