Tommie Harris is Sorry


Tommie Harris apologized for losing control on the 4th play against the Cardinals and slugging Deuce Lutui, earning himself a quick trip to the showers and leaving his teammates high and dry.

"I was embarrassed, especially for my actions,” Harris said. “I apologized to him [Lutui] yesterday, [and] I called Larry [Fitzgerald] and had a chance to apologize to him.”I just want to apologize to my fans first off, and the little kids out there that saw that action. I shouldn’t behave in the manner. I apologize to my teammates, and I’ll make up for it.”"

Tommie apologized, but he’s a sorry sack.  You know what Tommie needs?  He needs a little motivational speech from Week 10 opposing coach and former Bears legend Mike Singletary:

Singletary was ranting on Vernon Davis, but doesn’t this speech seem appropriate for Harris too?   This rant occurred last season.  Is it just coincidence that Davis is having a great season this year?