Bears vs Niners Preview


The Bears head to San Francisco to face off with Samurai Mike Singletary and his 49ers.  It’s not looking too good for the Beloved.  The Bears start the 3rd quarter of their season with the deck stacked against them:

Coming off a humiliating home loss to an average Cardinals team,

heading across country,

on a short week,

to face a team coached by a former Bears legend,

in a stadium where historically  they haven’t played well.

But other than that, I like our chances.

Banged up

The battered and bruised Bears secondary hasn’t gotten much good news of late.  Kevin Payne has been ruled out, Al Afalava is questionable  and Charles Tillman is probable, both with shoulders.  On the other side of the ball, Garrett Wolfe is out, recovering from his kidney injury.

Moving Time

The Bears-Vikings game on November 29th has been moved back to a 3:15 game, supposedly to make it available to a wider audience.  Have these TV execs seen the Bears play lately?


Did you think I forgot the Keys to the Game?  Nope!  I put together a little slideshow here, so check it out.  Yes, pictures for the Niner fans that have trouble with the big words.  And Vernon Davis.

Prediction Time

The Bears seem to win games that we think they have no chance of winning.  They have no business winning this game or any others this season.  Lovie’s players always respond well when the coach is backed into a corner.  Must be a fear of losing out Camp Lovie and the country club camps that he runs.

Bears do well when playing against average to below average QB’s.  Alex Smith falls right into that category.  I expect to get some turnovers and Gore will go off, but only enough to help my fantasy team.  Look for Cutler to go to the air early and often.  If he survives, look for him to key a Bears victory.

Bears 28, Niners 23