Bart’s Best – Week 10 Top Plays


(Cue the music)  “Mama said they’ll be weeks like this, they’ll be weeks like this Mama said (Mama said, Mama said).”  Ouch!  Okay, no more picking 5 games (last week – 1-4).  I knew last week when I did that there was an uneasy vibe in the air.  A couple of thoughts:  Bears are bad and they proved it again last night.  I have to stop picking on Dallas – that was a solid win in Philly, although I was under the impression that Westbrook was going to play – he is a difference-maker.  I guess New Orleans can’t win every week by double-digits…..but they will this week.  On to Week 11:

New Orleans -13.5 at Rams – A Dome is a Dome is a Dome.  The spread is under the dreaded 14 because it is an away game and people got burned by picking New Orleans last week against Carolina (i.e. Me).  Don’t fear the big points this week – keep pounding New Orleans.  It will pan out in the long run.

Broncos -3.5 at Redskins Having a hard time figuring this one out and that usually scares me away from a game.  The Broncos are coming off two losses and it is time to right the ship.  Playing a woefully awful team is the way to do it.  I’m not letting that hook (.5) scare me away on this one.

Ravens -10.5 at Browns Typically would stay away from a “bad blood” rivalry, but this time around, the scales are too heavily tipped Baltimore’s way.  For crying out loud, the Bears beat Cleveland by 24 – you don’t think that Baltimore’s Defense will shut down the Brownies?  Think of it like this: how many points will Cleveland score?  Most – probably 10.  Do you think that Baltimore’s offense can put up 21 or more points?  Well then, load up.

Season Total 19-18