Is Jay Cutler the Next QB Failure in Chicago?


Jay Cutler gift wrapped a W for the San Francisco 49ers by throwing five – yes 5 – interceptions.   In case you wer lucky enough not to witness it because you don’t get the NFL Network, you can relive the lowlights from my live game blog here and for more coverage on the game, check out my post-game wrap here.

If you want to relive an historically bad performance, check out all 5 picks here, here, here, here and here.    Yup – that’s 5 on the night and 17 on the season!  17 freaking picks!  He leads the NFL.  As in worse than Jake Delhomme or Derek Anderson.

Ironically, Kyle Orton was the last Bear to throw 5 picks in a game in his rookie season.  You remember Orton, right?  The guy we traded along with two first round draft picks to get our “franchise quarterback.”  Cutler had more INT’s tonight than Orton has on the season – THE SEASON!

That is beyond Grossman-esque.  It is single-handedly the worst quarterbacking performance that I can ever remember.  That includes Rex Grossman, Craig Krenzel, Jonathan Quinn and the whole bunch that they’ve trotted out of the Bears QB Clown Car.

Of course, the NFL Network had to remind us of our QB impotence by digging up the Micro Machines fast talker guy, rapid-fire pitchman John Moschitta Jr., from whatever crevice he fell into for two decades to rattle off “The List.”  In Chicago, The List is the list of starting QB’s that the Bears have trotted out since Jim McMahon led the Bears to their Super Bowl season back in 1985.

People can try to defend Cutler by saying he has no time because the offensive line sucks or that he has no receivers or whatever other excuses they want to throw out there.  You can say that Hester fell down on one of the picks or that the ref bumped him off on another.  The bottom line is that you cannot throw picks to 300 pound defensive linemen at the goal line.  You cannot throw into triple coverage.  You must protect the ball.  Period.  Bottom line.  End of story.

All that’s left for the 2009 season is to help Bronco fans start planning what to do with a top 10 pick in the 2010 draft and to start looking for the next quarterback to trot out of the Bears QB Clown Car.