Bud Adams and Ditka: (Flipping)Birds of a Feather


The Tennessee Titans scored a big win against the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, but it was a costly W for Titans owner Bud Adams.   You see, Bud wanted to salute Buffalo fans from his luxury suite, the we’re #1 salute of the double barreled variety.  His gesture cost him a tidy $250,000.  Yes, you read that right – $125k for each finger.  WOW!  In case you haven’t seen the video – check it out:

Ironically, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had been in Adams’ box earlier that day.  The 86-year old owner made this public comment:

"“I need to apologize for my actions yesterday near the end of the game,” he said in a statement. “I got caught up in the excitement of a great day, but I do realize that those types of things shouldn’t happen. I need to specifically apologize to the Bills, their fans, our fans and the NFL.“I obviously have a great deal of respect for [Bills owner] Ralph Wilson and the history we have shared. I also understand there will probably be league discipline for my actions and I will accept those.”"

Privately, Adams asked, “How was I supposed to know someone would catch that on film?  You mean people have cameras on their phones?”

So how does this nugget find it’s way on a Chicago Bears blog?  Well, you can thank ESPN’s Adam Schefter and this tweet:

"Yesterday – not one of Bud Adams’ better decisions. One of his best was in 1961 – drafting Mike Ditka."

DA COACH!!!  Any self-respecting Dita-phile has an autographed copy of his salute: