Jay Cutler Mic’d Up in 5 INT Loss to 49ers (Video)


It’s already Wednesday and I should be focused on the Eagles.  It’s customary to turn the page to the upcoming opponent after Tuesday’s usual off day, but this video clip I saw on NFL.com was just too good to pass up.  Jay Cutler was mic’d up during last Thursday’s 10-6 loss to San Francisco.  Check it out:

Video courtesy of NFL.com.  All rights reserved.We’ve all seen the images of Jay hanging his head and the flustered looks.  It’s interesting to see some unfiltered JC.

You get to see a some different sides of Jay in this short clip.  You see a some of his personality, some leadership, some humility and his desire to have the ball when it matters the most.  And you see interceptions.  Lots of em.  5 to be exact.   I counted again to be sure.  Yes, it still sucked.

I just wish I could have the footage that ended up on the cutting room floor.  Great stuff.