Keys to the Game: New Moon and the Jay Cutler Saga


The Bears host the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday night and Bears fans are hoping for a “New Moon.”  No, it’s not the next installment of the Twilight Saga, but instead a new chapter to the Jay Cutler saga.

Cutler has been horrible in night games this season, tossing more than half of his picks after the sun goes down.  Some might say he is afraid of the dark.  This from Dan Pompei’s recent Chicago Tribune article:

"In his four-year career, Cutler has played in 13 night games and is 4-9, even though his numbers with the Broncos at night mirrored his daytime career statistics. Still, what stands out most is Cutler has thrown one interception for every 20.3 attempts in night games, compared with one interception for every 34.6 attempts in day games. And yes, those numbers are a bit skewed from last Thursday’s five-interception evening in San Francisco."

Bears fans are hoping that Cutler gets bitten by one of those teeny-bopper heart throb vampires from the Twilight movie and starts playing like a creature of the night.  When I saw one of the movie posters, I thought I noticed a eerie resemblance:

It’s just too bad the Garrett Wolfe has been declared out for the game.

On to some Keys to the Game…  Home Sweet Home

Cutler has thrown 15 of his league leading 17 INT’s on the road.  Home sweet home.  Look for JC to improve over his Week 10 performance.  Easy to say – can it get any worse?

Lump of Cole

It’s a little early to start with the Christmas references, but tell that to the assholes who already have their Christmas lights up and shining brightly.  It’s not even Thanksgiving yet!  The Eagles’ Trent Cole scares the heck out of me and he probably scares the hell out of Jay Cutler.   It is incumbent on Orlando Pace and the Bears O-line to keep this guy out of the backfield and off Cutler.  Give Cutler time and he loses one excuse for the picks.

D isn’t just for defense

The Eagles feature 2 D’s that are scary good – Donovan McNabb and DeSean Jackson.  Jackson is all about big plays – 6 TD;s of 50 yards or more in his first 9 games.  Believe it or not, in theory at least, the Cover-2 is supposed to limit big plays.    The Bears D needs to slow this hookup down to keep the Bears in it.

Silver Screen

The silver lining to last week’s loss to the Niners was that they rediscovered Matt Forte in the passing game.  Forte amassed over 100 receiving yards last week.  There’s no better way to slow up a fierce pass rush than to hit some screens.

Fun Fact

The Eagles have never won on NBC Sunday night football.   They are 0-7 all time.


I cannot tell a lie – I am picking against the Bears, hoping that my picks against them will motivate them much like Vernon Davis’ big mouth motivated the Bears defense last week.  Eagles 34-21