The DeCon’s Week 11 Fantasy Football Picks


Weolcome to Week 11 of your favorite installment on Bear Goggles On (just kidding, Lower the Boom is much more entertaining)…the DeCon is here to preach some wisdom.  As predicted by yours truly, last night’s game between the Dolphins and the Panthers was entertaining, but Delhomme threw the ball 40+ times and they lost…uh, memo to John Fox…RUN THE FREAKIN’ BALL!!!  In the spirit of full disclosure, D-Will is on my fantasy team and they was he was running last night, he may have been able to run for 200 yds if given the carries.  Oh well, I guess this is why the Panthers are 4-6.

Guys I Like this Week

  1. Beanie Wells @ St. Louis – I have never been a huge fan of Beanie, dating back to his days at THE Ohio State University, but he is quickly taking over the load in the AZ and when AZ is up 3 TDs at the end of the 1st Q, I expect them to sit on it and run Beanie for what he’s worth to see if they can rely on him in the playoffs.
  2. Bernard Scott @ Oakland – Surprisingly, Scott is still available in some leagues.  Maybe people thought Ced Benson would man up and play, but it looks likely that he won’t and if he doesn’t, Scott is the next in line.  This is a juicy match-up and I like Scott to run all day.  Hell, even Jamal Charles put 100 yds on the Raiders and the Cincy O-line is WAAAAYYY better than the Chiefs O-line.
  3. LaDanian Tomlinson @ Denver – I think LT is making one last push to show he isn’t washed up just yet.  Perhaps the fact that his significant other recently told him, she is expecting his child has added some extra mojo for him.  Whatever it is, the Denver D has begun to break down and LT is starting to peak.
  4. Matt Hasselbeck @ Minnesota – I know this might seem like a reach, but Hasselbeck has thrown for over 300 yds in his last 2 games and Minnesota’s D ranks 23rd against the pass.  I expect the ViQueens to beat the Hawks up pretty soundly, but I would also expect Hasselbeck to chuck it up close to 50 times.

Guys I Don’t Like this Week

  1. Jay Cutler vs Philadelphia – Perhaps this will be the kick in the pants JC needs, but he is starting to really make me angry and you won’t like me when I’m angry!!!  Further, 11 of JC’s league leading INTs have come under the lights of prime time and JC is 4-9 in his career under the bright lights.  And here I thought Jim McMahon was the Bears QB who stuck a fork in his eye and couldn’t stand the bright lights???
  2. Frank Gore @ GB – Hard to sit Gore and you prbably can’t, but the GB defense has looked decent against the run as of late and they completely dismantled the Cowboys running game (and team in general) last week.  Expect Gore to struggle in Lambeau.
  3. Randy Moss vs NY Jets – Another player that is hard to ever bench, but Moss has 72 yds receiving in his last 3 games against the Jets…that is 72 yds in 3 GAMES.  Apparently he doesn’t like facing Darelle Revis and this week might not be any different, so beware an un-Mosslike performance this week.
  4. Brandon Marshall vs San Diego – B-Marsh will probably suffer the most if Ole Neckbeard doesn’t play this week and it is looking more and more like he won’t so look another way if you have a viable WR option on your bench.  Could be tough sledding for B-Marsh until Orton returns.

Other Nuggets

With only 3 weeks until most of your fantasy playoffs, this is not the time to make bold moves with your lineups if you are a bubble team.  You have to use your head and maximize your points.  It always pains me to leave points on my bench and I would rather lose knowing I played the best lineup possible as opposed to knowing I sat a stud, because I “had a feeling.”  Use your brains, not your heart or gut as you come down the stretch.  And if you can make a trade for the 2 best guys off of someone’s roster who’s playoff future might not be so bright…well, that never hurts either…


Can I get an “Amen?”

The DeCon has spoken…so let it be written, so let it be done…

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