Bart’s Best – Week 11 Top Plays


Well, another sub-500 week for me (1-2). However, I’m sure a lot of you struggled in your confidence pools, survival pools etc with all of the recent odd games. I don’t have alot of time because I’m writing this post in a public library – my home internet is down. I believe my current record is exactly 0.500 – I’ll have to check next week. That said, it is time to start picking it up down the stretch.

New Orleans -11 @ Tampa Bay – The Saints haven’t exactly been marching me to the real or fantasy bank lately, but sometimes you have to keep riding the wave. There are some teams that you just have to play all year because in the long run, you’ll end up on the positive side. I’ve chosen the Saints to be that team.

Seattle +10.5 @ Minnesota – This is just more of a hunch than anything. Minnesota is on cruise control. Every once in awhile when that is happening, something out of the blue comes up to rattle your confidence. The Seahawks will keep this one close – around a touchdown – so I’ll take the points.

Tennessee +4.5 @ Texans – These teams are both steadily improving. I am actually looking forward to watching this game because I think it is going to be a close one. Tennessee has picked up with my old favorite at the helm (Vince Young) and my fantasy WR stud Andre Johnson will be on the other side. In a coin toss game – I’ll take 4.5 points.

Eagles @ Bears +3 – Man oh man – this one has a weird positive feel to it. All things point to the Bears getting crushed – and the line is 3? This game has the feel of the Bears rising up out of the ashes to extend our hope for one more week. The Bears win this one and then go and lose a stupid one in Minnesota. That’s my guess, so I’ll go with it.

Season Total 20-20