Bears Fall to Eagles 24-20


The Bears dropped another tough game, falling short 24-20 to the Eagles.  Unless they win out, it looks like the only way the Bears will be going to Miami this season is if they buy a ticket!

It looked like things would get out of hand early as the Eagles drove down on their first 2 drives to open up a 10-0 lead.  The defense settled down and keep the Bears close.

Rookie Kahlil Bell came off the practice squad to fill Garrett Wolfe’s spot and he did so in a big way, tearing off a 72 yard run on his first NFL rushing attempt.  Unfortunately, he couldn’t bring it to the house and that was the story for the Bears for much of the night.  Robbie Gould kicked 4 field goals and Cutler hit Kellen Davis on a beautiful corner route, but there were plenty of missed opportunities.

Jay Cutler was just thismuch off.  He just missed Greg Olsen on a TD route.  He just overthrew Devin Hester on another TD.  Late in the game, the overthrew Johnny Knox on another route!  That, along with INT’s has been the story of the Bears offense this season. They’ve been just a bit off on their timing.

Despite the loss, there were a few bright spots:


Charles Tillman rocks at punchout! This guy can strip the ball about as well as anyone does anything.  He punched out 3 balls against the Eagles, two of which were recovered by the Bears.  Forcing turnovers is what makes this defense work, so thanks for making it work.

Where has this guy been hiding?

Kahlil Bell got promoted from the Practice Squad after Garrett Wolfe‘s season ended with a lacerated kidney.  He made quite a splash, picking up 72 yards on his first NFL carry.  With the playoffs out of reach, I hope we get to see this guy more.

Making progress

Zack Bowman keeps making progress.  Maybe we’ve got another corner?  Maybe.


Robbie Gould connected on 4/5 field goals and the lone miss was blocked.  This dude is damn near perfect.  Maybe we should center our offense around him?


If Robbie Gould is solid, he’s steady.  He always brings it, each and every play.  Can you imagine if he had gotten away a couple of offseasons ago?

Lots more to talk about, but that’s all I’ve got in me for tonight.  All the photos courtesy of the Chicago Tribune.