Cowher “excited” by Bears job


Have you ever been in a bar and immediately noticed that special someone across the bar, that ideal fantasy girl that makes your jeans a little tight?   But just as you’re working up the nerve to approach her while unraveling a sordid fantasy suitable only for a Penthouse letter in your mind, some douche bag approaches your fantasy girl and starts talking her up.  A few cheesy lines and several drinks later, your dream girl is rolling off with Captain D-bag and you’re rolling home with nothing but a a feeling of regret and wondering “what if?”

If you get a warm tingly feeling thinking about a former Super Bowl Champion coach patrolling the sidelines along Chicago’s lakefront, take note:  the Chicago Bears coaching job would “excite” former Steelers coach Bill Cowher.  Sure, the source from the NFL Network lumped the Houston Texans in with the Bears, but who would choose the expansion Texans over the Beloved Bears?  Seriously?

You want fire?  You want passion?  You want “the jaw?”  You want the anti-Lovie?  Then you want Cowher.  Only one problem: Ralph Wilson and the Buffalo Bills are sniffing around Coach Cowher.  The former Steelers coach is basically throwing himself at the Bears, begging for them to come a-callin’.  There’s a problem though.That whole fantasy sequence at the beginning of our little post.  One thing I forgot to mention – you are at the bar with your wife.  Oh yeah, the wife that you’ve been with for a few years now.  You’ve had good times together, but you both know the relationship is going nowhere.  (Please note, this has absolutely NOTHING to do with my lovely wife, with whom I am madly in love!)  In case you need to have the dots connected, the wife is Lovie Smith.  You can’t go after the new girl until you dump the wife.  Dump Lovie and go get this beauty!

Are the McCaskey’s willing to pay for the divorce and pursue Cowher?