The DeCon’s Week 12 Fantasy Football Plays


I know I mentioned I HATE Thursday football games, but this is the one week, I LOVE them…how can you go wrong, family (sans inlaws for some of you I’m sure), football and all the food you can stuff into your pieholes!!!  I love turkey, but only the white meat.  I can’t stand dark meat, so I am going to put a Thanksgiving theme on my picks this week.  You should have plenty of players playing tomorrow as some good teams are playing some bad teams, so I wanted to make sure I got this out.

White Meat Plays (guys I like)

  1. Aaron Rodgers, Donald Driver, Greg Jennings and Ryan Grant @ Detroit – Hell, I would probably also throw Jermichael Finley into this bunch…I think GB comes out and stomps Detroit.  I know Detroit plays tough on Turkey Day, because it is their birth right to host a game every year, but not this year my friends.  GB wins and wins big!!!
  2. Marion Barber vs Oakland – Shocker, I am picking a RB to light up Oakland, but until they can stop anyone on the ground, I will keep picking against them.  The Oakland D is 30th against the run and they have allowed a league high 16 rushing TDs.  Surprisingly, they are not so bad against the pass, so I expect Barber to gain > 100yds on the ground and likely 2 TDs.
  3. Brett Favre vs Bears – There is really no explanation needed.  The Beloved are hurting and Favre’s colors have changed, but the song remains the same.  Oh, and he has a pretty good running game to support a lot of play action over the top of our vaunted Tampa Two defense.
  4. Whichever Cincy RB starts vs Cleveland – Whether it is Cedric Benson or Bernard Scott starting for Cincy, they should be starting for you.  They will light up Cleveland!!!

Dark Meat Plays (guys I don’t like) 

  1. Kyle Orton vs NY Giants – Ole Neckbeard is still gimpy and the Giants love to play on the road.  I expect the front 7 of the Giants to “introduce” themselves to Mr. Orton in the backfield several times tomorrow.
  2. Matt Forte @ Minnesota – You likely have a better option than Forte this week and while you have probably ridden him all season to this point (as have I on 2 different teams), this is the time to pick one of your other options at RB.
  3. Beanie Wells @ Tennessee – I usually like to ride the hot players and while I think Beanie will do well for you down the stretch with AZ’s soft schedule, I don’t like him this week.  Tenn is 9th against the run and something has gotten into Guppy’s team and playing at home, they will be ready.
  4. Ben Roethlisberger @ Baltimore – Big Ben has a “head” as in concussion and let’s face it, you have to be able to see straight to navigate the Baltimore defense.  Plus Big Ben’s history against Baltimore isn’t so great.  In his last 4 games against Baltimore, Big Ben is 64 for 111 for 802 yds with 8 TDs (5 in one of those games) with 3 INTs and he has been sacked 14 times.  The Balt D is mean, fast and mean and I think this translates into a poor day for Big Ben.

Other Gibblets to Consider

Ahmad Bradshaw is out tomorrow for the Giants and Brandon Jacobs is probably still a little gimpy, so a sneaky waiver move is picking up Danny Ware who will back up Jacobs and could bust off some long runs against a Denver D that has gone soft in the last 4 games.  Another waiver move I like is picking up Jermichael Finley and playing him against Detroit if you are thin at TE.  He has become a favorite target of Aaron Rodgers and just returned last week from 3 weeks off with an injury and had a career day.  There is also a lot of hub-bub about picking up RB Rock Cartwright for Washington, but Washington stinks and has trouble scoring, so I don’t like Rock’s chances any more than the other RBs Washington has trotted out this season.  Another tip for my male readers out there, tomorrow is a long day of eating and football and I know the pants can feel a little tight in the waist by the time you get to the second half of the Dallas/Oakland game…do yourselves a favor and pack some Zubaz to bring to your festivities tomorrow so you can power through the whole day that is Turkey Day Football!!!  There is no shame for a man wearing Zubaz to give him the comfort he needs while consuming mass amounts of food.  Just keep it healthy and stick to the white meat!!!


Can I get an “Amen” followed by some white meat?

The DeCon has spoken…so let it be written, so let it be done…

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