Bart’s Best – Week 12 Top Plays


Next week, I’m heading to Las Vegas, so I’ll be posting Bart’s Best from the City of Sin. Going into this week, I’m 22-22.   If that streak continues, I’ll be handing Vegas 10% of whatever I bet, so I need to make sure that I tip the scales in the win column.   Chances are that I will because most games I lose are the Bears and I think I’m done making that mistake.   However, the Bears are playing the Rams next week -so I may be a little tempted.

Speaking of the Bears, I was at the game last week and I was so highly disturbed by their offense. I wish I tallied how many times they ran their offense with the exact same formation (2 receivers on 1 side, 1 on the other with the TE in tight). It was seriously about 90% of the time. How about some trips? 5 Wide Receiver sets? Something, Turner, give the Offense a chance.  Pick routes, flood some zones…something?  Please?   Sorry about the Seattle pick last week, that was just a bad call.  2-2 on the week last week.  On to Week 12:

Bengals -13 vs Browns – Seems like Vegas was a little too excited about the Browns scoring explosion last week in Detroit and a little down on Cinci with their poor showing in Oakland.   It is weeks like those that help keep spreads nice like these.

Texans +3 vs Colts – You know, I always pick good upsets and never add them to Bart’s Best.  I think that this is the week that the Colts undefeated season goes down and I’m willing to make it a Bart’s Best pick.  (I think the Saints are going to lose too by the way).

Falcons -12 vs Tampa Bay – I don’t quite understand the 12 point spread and usually I’ll stay away from it (other spreads I don’t like such as-4.5 or -5).  However, Tampa is a bad team and the Falcons really need this one. The Falcons will have 17-21 points by the first half.

Vikings -10.5 vs Bears – until something changes, I don’t even believe they can cover 10.5.  Sad.  Very sad day.  Division rival game and I still don’t think it is going to be close.  Prove me wrong Bears! Prove me wrong!