Bears vs Vikings – Keys to the Game


I’ve been enjoying the Thanksgiving weekend until today.  Today, I might puke up all the turkey I’ve been packing away the last few days.  It’s back to business today as the Bears head to Minnesota to face the 9-1 Vikings.  Buckle those chin straps extra tight Bears, this one ain’t gonna be pretty.  I don’t see many ways for the Bears to beat the Vikes – too many weapons on offense and a dangerous defense. Check out my Game Day live blog and my prop bets for today’s game here.

But just like when Rocky faced Drago in Rocky IV, they’re not a machine, they’re just men.  So here are the keys to victory:

Bad Brett

During Lovie Smith‘s tenure, he has had a relative amount of success against Brett Favre when he was still with the Packers.  It’s time to dial up whatever has worked to get Favre to revert back to those days and find a way to get that old gunslinger back to sling some picks.   It’s unlikely since Favre has only thrown 3 INT’s all season, but one can hope.

Hire a rodeo clown

On the defensive side of the ball, Jared Allen has been tearing it up for the Vikes with an NFC-leading 10.5 sacks.  He could double that number today against the past-his-prime left tackle.  The best chance Orlando Pace and the Bears have is to hire a rodeo clown to distract that crazy redneck.  Either that or hire Larry the Cable Guy to play left tackle.

Aerial Attack

It’s no big secret that Jay Cutler has struggled mightily this season.  2 weeks ago, it was the 5 INT game against the Niners, last week it was a tentative Cutler missing some sure TD throws.  The Vikes are ranked 21st against the pass, so if there’s any chance today, Cutler and the Bears need to play well in the passing game.


As I said in the beginning, this one could get ugly.  The Bears have struggled playing in the Metrodome even when they weren’t god-awful.   The Vikes are favored by 10.5 and I think they’re covering that by halftime.  Vikes 35, Bears 19.  Sorry Bears fans, I wish I had better news.  Prove me wrong Bears, prove me wrong and as always…