Viking Funeral: Minnesota sinks Bears


In Norse tradition, they would put their dead leaders in a ship and send it out to sea ablaze.  The Vikings gave the Bears a Viking funeral in the Metrodome or the Mall of America Field or whatever the hell they call that house of horrors, trouncing the Bears 36-10 in a beating that was far worse than the score indicated.  This was another historic loss that cannot be described as anything less than a complete abomination.

Brett Favre marched the Vikings through the Bears defense more easily than the Nazis rolled through Poland.  Actually, that’s an insult to Poland, at least the Poles threw rocks as the German tanks rolled past.   (As a first generation Polish-American, I feel I can say that.  If it’s offensive to you, I apologize, but too bad).  The Bears barely raised a finger as the Vikes rolled up 537 yards of offense.  537 yards!

Maybe the best way to describe this atrocious effort is to let the Box Score do the talking.  Stealing a bit from Bleacher Nation, here is my enhanced Bears-Vikings Box Score:

As one of the comments in my Game Day blog stated – it’s one thing to lose to better teams, it’s another to set all-time lows in futility.  The Bears have been around for nearly 90 years and this unit is reaching new lows every week.

It could get worse before it gets better.  The Bears face the St. Louis Rams next week, but who knows how they come into the game.  Lance Briggs left with a knee , Alex Brown with a leg, Peanut Tillman left with a head, and Orlando Pace left with whiplash watching Jared Allen zoom past him.  Without a full compliment of players and with another effort like they put forth against the Vikes, it is uncertain they can win another game.