New Turf at Soldier Field… Again


When the Bears square off against the Rams on Sunday, they’ll do so on a new track.  Yes, you guessed it – the geniuses at the Park District are dropping another $250k for a new sod job at the Mistake by the Lake for this weekend’s game.   Here’s a report from ABC 7:

You know it’s bad when the news geeks are laughing at you.

With this latest resurfacing added to the re-work in September after the U2 concert and s o far the park district has dropped a half a million dollars on sod.  A few more of these sod jobs and the Bears could almost afford to fire their head coach.  As Dan Pompei points out, the Bears and the Park District are considering an artificial surface called Infill.

Based on the Trib’s survey of 36 Bears players, 67% would prefer the artificial turf to the grass.   Of the dozen players that prefer the grass, they are all fat guys – offensive lineman and defensive tackles.

Whatever happens with the turf, add this to the long list of things that need to be changed in the Chicago Bears’ world.