The DeCon’s Week 13 Fantasy Football Plays


My apologies for not getting this out prior to the Thursday Night game on the NFL Network, but the Jets vs the Bills in Toronto didn’t inspire me too much.  As I mentioned to Boomer before the game, I expected a FG war and that is damn near what we got.  One thing I will say, is Darrelle Revis is a beast!  I sat T(eam) O(bliterator) on one of my teams and I am glad I did.

As you head into the playoffs, beware of your WRs playing against Revis…I am talking to you owners of Roddy White (week 14) and Reggie Wayne (week 15) as Revis could dampen your playoff spirits.  You always have to roll with your studs and White and Wayne qualify as such, but hopefully the rest of your roster can pick you up if Revis continues to climb to the top of the CB mountain.  This is likely the last week of your regular season and you might be jockeying for playoff position, so hopefully I can be some help to you as you fill out your lineups…

Guys I Like

  1. Matt Forte vs St. Louis – Playing against the 28th ranked D against the run that has allowed 16 TDs on the ground this season better be able to cure the Bears running game.  If nothing else, maybe this will be a reason to watch the Beloved as they play out the string.
  2. DeAngelo Williams vs Tampa Bay – Thankfully, Jake Delhomme is likely to sit this week and the Panthers running game should be in full effect.  Add to that the fact that D-Will has run for 338 yds and 4 TDs against the Bucs in his last 2 games against them and you should be very happy with his performance.  D-Will does have an ankle, but he is expected to be full go on Sunday.
  3. Jeremy Maclin @ Atlanta – With DeSean Jackson concussed, Maclin’s targets should increase significantly.  With the Eagles O 3rd in the league in passing plays of more than 20 yds with 53, you can likely count of Maclin for some big numbers.
  4. Brandon Marshall @ Kansas City – Denver seems to have righted the ship with Ole Neckbeard at the helm and B-Marsh should shred the KC secondary struggles with tall wide bodied WRs.  B-Marsh should be no exception. 

Guys I Don’t Like

  1. Tony Romo @ NY Giants – The calendar has flipped to December and this is usually with Romo goes into the tank or escapes to Mexico with his love interests…either way, this could spell doom for you fantasy team.  Be leery of former Mr. Jessica Simpson from here on out.
  2. Jay Cutler vs St. Louis – While JC attempts to set a new high for INTs in a season (42 is the record), I would put him on the bench as I expect the Bears to focus on getting the running game on track and avoid getting JC broken as the Bears finish this miserable season.
  3. Roddy White vs Philadelphia – With Matt Ryan nusing his toe, expect Chris Redman to struggle to throw against the attacking Philly D.  I don’t think there will be any last second heroics for the Dirty Birds this week.
  4. Ryan Grant vs Baltimore – Grant has showed some promise the last four weeks and as tempting as it is to have a Monday night hook player, I think this is the week Grant gets back to early season form against a stingy Balt rush defense.


Can I get an “Amen” ?

The DeCon has spoken…so let it be written, so let it be done…

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