Bear Dawn – 12/10/09


….where we’re confused as to why Mike Mulligan is the only Sun-Times beat reporter left.

Jerry Angelo’s weekly Q&A: He’s hoping that the Bears respond against the Packers.

Jamar Williams is ready to continue showing the coaches that he’s worth keeping around.

The Bears are hoping that Lance Briggs will be back by Sunday’s game.


Jeff Hughes thinks that the Bears have a good chance of beating the Packers. He’s one of few.

Brad Palmer gives his Bears – Packers preview.

Chicago Sun-Times

A change of the defense worked for Green Bay; could it work for the Bears?

Chicago Tribune

Steve Rosenbloom: The Bears’ offense is getting worse in a hurry.

Jay Cutler says his hand is fine and also praises CB Charles Woodson.

Opposing coaches and scouts aren’t heaping praise on the Bears. Really? Never woulda guessed.

Yesterday’s practice included the past vs. future at tackle.

Brian Billick: Jay Cutler is trying to do too much.

The title of this article: “Best NFL strippers?”

Dan Pompei is feeling a little bitter about getting into it with Cutler yesterday.

Adewale Ogunleye believe he’s playing well. Everyone else? Not so much.

CSN Chicago

Could the Bears switch over to a 3-4 scheme?

Apparently, Jay Cutler has done worse facing teams the second time. Personally, I don’t see how it could be much worse.

Daily Herald

Bob LeGere: Keep Chris Williams at LT.

ESPN Chicago

Jeff Dickerson: Keeping Chris Williams at LT for the rest of the year makes sense.

Jeff Dickerson: Move Al Afalava back to strong safety.

Jay Cutler: My hand injury won’t keep me out on Sunday.

Charles Woodson might be Greg Olsen’s nightmare on Sunday.

Desmond Clark might play vs. the Packers.

Devin Hester and Hunter Hillenmeyer skipped practice yesterday.

Jamar Williams needs to stay patient….again.

Blog Down, Chicago Bears

The Seattle Seahawks are getting rid of their ugly neon jerseys, while the UFL is embracing it.