Bears-Packers Take 2: Keys to the Game


The Bears roll out the unwelcome mat as they get set to host their oldest rival – the Green Bay Packers – on Sunday.  In case you forgot the horror that was Week 1, I’m right here for you with video lowlights.

It really struck me while watching the video how differently Cutler seemed to carry himself in that game.  Sure, the picks were bad and look worse when you watch them again in the context of how the season has played out.  When you compare how he looked against the Vikings  (I won’t say the Rams because that was more of a scrimmage) and he just looks beaten down.

Remember when you thought that his 4 INT game was as bad as it could possibly get for Cutler?  Me too.  They even fooled us by rattling off three straight wins to start the season 3-1.  My, my, how times have changed.

What’s different since their last meeting?  Hmm, a lot has changed since Week 1 for the Bears and most all of it bad.  For the Pack, things are looking up.  Let’s check out the Keys to the Game.


When they first met, the Pack’s first round DT BJ Raji didn’t suit up.  I had a chance to watch the Packers-Ravens game last Monday night and Raji is a BEAST.  Dude looks like Tommie Harris when he was still good.  The Bears interior line will need to bottle this guy up or else Cutler’s pocket will be collapsing in his face.

The revolving door is closed

Adewale Ogunleye’s personal Week 1 bitch Allen Barbre is out and Mark Tauscher is back in.  Wale does well against bad opponents and falls flat against better competition.  Hmm, sound like a team we all know?  If the Bears want a chance, they’ll need to pressure Rodgers.

Who the hell are we kidding?

The Packers come in ranked as the top defense in the league and a top 6 offense for good measure.   On our sideline, Ron Turner’s offense ranks in the bottom 1/3 of the league while Lovie’s D barely cracks the top half.   I hate to admit it, but the Bears are just flat out overmatched.  It’s gonna take a lot of fake punts and field goals – and for them to actually work – to pull this one off.


Swallow your pride, Bears fans.  The obnoxious neighbors to the north are getting bragging rights this year.  Rodgers will carve up the Bears.  Packers 27, Bears 20.  Sigh.