LOWER THE BOOM: Devin Hester Back Pedals. Or does he?


It’s time to dust off an old faithful.  It’s LOWER THE BOOM time.

Devin Hester caused a bit of a stir when he called out Offensive Coordinator Ron Turner and assured fans that changes are on the horizon for next season.  This from David Haugh’s Chicago Tribune article:

"“It’s tough watching other teams, other offenses find ways for other guys to get their hands on the ball better (than we do),” Hester said. “Some plays we had called that … went in during the week, (we) weren’t able to call during the game because of certain situations.”Asked why the quick screen pass the Bears often use to get him the ball on the perimeter had stopped working, Hester got in touch with his inner T.O.“Everybody watches film,” he said. “They see what type of play we’re executing that’s working, and they adjust. …The same players run the same routes (on other teams. Their plays) work.”“It has been what, three seasons like this?” Hester said. “There will be a lot of changes, I know that for a fact.”But earlier in the day, Hester sounded confident based on conversations with wide receivers coach Darryl Drake. He made Drake sound like a man loading cardboard boxes when he’s not watching Ravens game film.“(Drake) says, we all know that things are going to change and new people are going to come in, old people are going to leave,” Hester said. “(We’re) not blind. Everybody sees it. It’s going to be a lot of new players, and probably some other things (will) change around here.”"

Seems pretty straightforward to me.  But this is the Chicago Bears, so it should come as no surprise that D-Hest had to back peddle today.  It’s just the way that he back-tracked that smells a little funny.  Hester took to the Twitter-verse to set the record straight.  Check out these 5 tweets in which he clarifies his statements:

"I feel like the media blew my interview out of proportion and that everything I said was reworded or taken the wrong way.When I am asked, “Will there be changes?” my answer is “yes”. What I mean is; there will always be new guys (rookies, trades or coaches)That goes for every team, whether you are picked up or traded, it is still a change to the team.After reading current articles I feel like the press tried to make me seem like I had inside information on the future of coaches or playersWhich is not the case at all."

Now let’s compare those tweets, all coming yesterday to some of the Ridiculous One’s previous tweets:

"God have bless u with a new day, should everyday be thanksgiving?@sj39 [Steven Jackson] dawg u playin bruh?"

"Fans n family keep your heads up we coming back, bear down baby!"

So did Devin just get an English degree from The U within the last couple of weeks?   Or did his Twitter account get hacked by Ron Turner?

If you ask me, it sounds like some Bears PR guy composed the grammatically perfect tweets in Devin’s stead.  Why not just have Devin step out and make a statement, or if you insist on using Twitter, have him say “Ron Turner is my dawg” and call it a day?   Don’t insult my intelligence with Devin’s tweets.  This nonsense reminds me of a Devin Hester punt return – going backwards for another big loss.